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Our main character in this story is young teen named Alex Rider, a spy who is the MI6’s secret weapon. Nobody would expect a fifteen year-old boy to work for such a successful company in spy technology and work. Alex was taught Karate when he was 6 years old by his deceased uncle who used to work for MI6. This book is the fourth book of the 9 books in the series.

This book is by an author by the name of Antony Horowitz. Besides the Alex Rider series he has written: The Falcon’s Malteser, Public Enemy Number Two, Three of Diamonds, and South by Southeast. On each of his books he has:”The New York Times best seller” and that saying is well deserved.

In this book Alex is on vacation with his friend Sabina at the beach. It is about three o’clock and the sun beats down on their bare backs. Alex gets out of the water and walks over to Sabina tanning in the sun. They begin to talk about how good the vacation is and what they should do next.

All of the sudden a ship comes into the harbor. Alex recognizes the ship. It is a one enemy and criminal of M16. I leave you here audience. If you read Eagle Strike you will find out if Alex’s vacation is totally ruined and he will have to run away or  if he will stay and capture the brute.

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  1. The sun beating down on your backs seems like lots of detail. I have read this series and you only really described the first part. Good writing though…… 🙂

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