Snow by Jinger

Photo by Jinger

It’s a cold, frosty, icy Friday. It’s so cold you can see the air you breathe. You’re super excited because school gets out at 11:30 and it’s due to snow. Who doesn’t like snow? Making a snowman, chucking snowballs at your siblings and friends, making snow angels and just enjoying the feeling of snow! It rarely snows so when it does you have to make something out of it.

I will never forget my dogs first experience with snow. Mainly because it was one of the funniest moments of my life. My little, white dog Raffy was only a puppy. It was hilarious because he blended in with the snow. He loves eating snow. That’s his favorite food! On the other hand, my other dog, Dennis, was so scared he didn’t know what to make of it. He tried fighting every snowflake that hit the ground. My friend had came over and was playing fetch with Dennis. My sister suggested to take a snowball and fetch it to him, so we did. It was hilarious because he caught it and ate it!

Anyway, you’re in your class when suddenly you see a piece of snow fall… Wait?! You take a close look at it. This isn’t snow? What is it? Is it frozen rain? Is it hale? It’s sleet! Yes! You’re so happy it finally “snowed!” ❄⛄❄⛄❄

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December 2011 Compared to December 2010 By Cole D.

It was a cold day when I woke up. I looked out the window and everything was white! Yes, no school! Mid-december 2010 was awesome! I went to the top of all the hills I could find and sledded down them all, on my brand new sled. Snow flurries pelting my face as I go down the hill at about 15 miles per hour. Snowball wars, building gigantic castles then throwing 2-foot snow chunks at each other. Throwing snow balls at the ice truck, who moved the snow out of the road and put salt down. Laughing, playing, talking, having fun. Getting snow in our shoes. Going inside and having hot chocolate. Going back out and sledding more. Watching the snow slowly melting away. The last snow drops are gone now. This day was very fun.


Mid-December 2011:
I wake up, knowing there won’t be snow. It hasn’t snowed in about a year now, and this winter is a bad one for sledding in North Carolina. I got a brand new sled, but it’ll probably have to wait another year. Sad, sitting inside all day, lonely. None of my friends are home, though I wish they were. Playing fetch with my dogs. Finally, my neighbors get home later that day. I ring their doorbells, and we play outside. Then we come over to my house. It’s mid-December now, and it’s about 60 outside. Later that day, we play basketball. I have a sleepover with my neighbor, which was fun. Just not as fun as last year. How I miss December 2010……..