Grateful Heart

Say something kind to someone today. We are often quick to write a note or email when something upsets us. Think about how many things bring us joy that we take for granted. A note from a friend or a student is life changing.

**I shared this on social media today as I am grading tests, commenting on end of year reflections from 6th graders, and planning the week ahead.

The end of the school year is too near. Yes, I look forward to summer but I also enjoy the growth students see in themselves after four quarters of working hard every single day. It is not always easy. At times they may not understand or appreciate why a teacher is holding expectations high and expecting more than students think they are capable of achieving. Middle school is tough. It is a place to make mistakes, to learn, and to take responsibility for decisions and actions. I know some students will leave this year proud of what they’ve accomplished. I know some will be so glad it’s over. More often than not, when former students come back to visit the conversation begins with catching up on new classes, out of school activities and family life. Then, at some point, he or she mentions something they are grateful for.

I remember when we used to do that…….I thought it was so hard at the time.

I used to hate reading. Now I wish we could read our own book like we did at the beginning of class.

Thank you for encouraging me to believe in myself.

You taught me how to…..

Because of our blog, I now have my own.

My writing was published in….

Thank you for believing in me. 

If you didn’t push me, I don’t know where I’d be now.

I know I’ve said these things in my own head about “teachers” in my life yet I haven’t always reached out to thank the person who changed my life in some way. My own girls have had teachers that I would not say were a “fit” for them but they are all better for the experience. Like life, we learn from everyone. We treat people with kindness, respect, and curiosity. When we are curious, we engage. When we listen, not just hear but listen, we have many more opportunities for growth.

Take a moment and give back. Notice something positive. Say it. You just may be the one who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.





I’m Thankful For… By Anna W.

I am thankful for many things. I am very thankful for having pets, mainly my dogs. I love them a lot and I really think they cheer people up. I mean I don’t think I would have such a happy life without them. Sometimes I will come home from school sad, and guess what? The first thing I see when I walk into my house is my dogs coming to greet me. This same thing happens when I come home from trips, come out for breakfast in the morning, etc. it seems like they just stick by your side. If you say ” Walky” they jump up and start barking because they love going on walks.

The minute I sit down to eat a meal they sit at my feet waiting for me to drop food. I’m not kidding I’ll see them sound asleep in their bed then seconds later they will be running around and tackling each other. One of my dogs is the runt and well I guess I wouldn’t say she is ugly but you know she is not that attractive. That doesn’t mean anything to me. I love her so much and just seeing her sleep or roll over on her back makes me smile immediately. Most of my friends have big dogs but I am so glad I have a dog that can sit on my lap hide under the chairs, climb over fences, let me carry her like a baby, and most of all make me laugh all the time. I feel like I have company 24/7. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have a dog.

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I Am Grateful For… By Franny C

I am thankful for my family and friends. My friends are always a way to count on a good day, even if something bad happens. They remind me that there is always tomorrow to be better. I am also grateful to have my sweet doggies to greet me at the door or fence. They always make me happy when I see them. I like being able to see both my parents all the time because I know that not all kids get to do that. I am happy that I am able to get a good education and a nice house to stay in. Unlike some kids, I can always expect some kind of meal even if it is not always too fancy.

I am also very grateful for books and writing utensils. Otherwise, if I was bored or had nothing to do, I would not be able to do anything. Education ties into this one too because if there was no school, I still wouldn’t be able to do anything because I would not know how to read or write. I would also not be able to get a job because most jobs need reading and writing skills. Luckily, we do have those things. Though I am worried that with all this technology, we will all forget the importance of spelling, reading, books, and paper. If you want, you can comment and say what you think about it!

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I’m Thankful For… By Jack. H

I’m thankful for my dog. Ever since my other dog had to be put down, I wanted another dog. So we went to a dog breeder that lived a few hours away. When we got there for the first time all the dogs were really small. The second time they had grown a little. The reason I’m thankful for him is because if I’m feeling down he comes over to cheer me up. He may not be the smartest dog in the world but he is good enough for me.

Be Thankful For Life by Batu

I think the one thing we take for granted is life. I don’t think that life is a one time miracle yet it’s out there. Other life is not as advanced as us yet. There may be creatures out there that are like the animals out on the safari like lions and cheetahs, but at the same time no where like them. E.T. life on one planet may be totally dependent on the sky while on another it may exist totally in the oceans. The life in the sky may be that way because on the surface it’s really dark and the plants have to get light. They begin to grow and evolve and when the plants evolve the animals evolve. They grow wings or other limbs used to fly or to get to the plants. All in all life is a miracle and we need to respect life more than we do now.

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I Am Thankful For… by Jenny

Photo by Jenny

I am thankful for sleep. I am thankful for sleep because without sleep you would be grumpy and cranky in the morning. When you go to sleep you can forget about all the bad things that happened the night before and just relax and sleep. It is good to get your 8-10 hours of sleep! I love to go to sleep so I can just relax and think about how the next day is going to be and all of the good things that can happen. I am grateful that we have sleep so we can get all of our stress out and just SLEEP.

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I Am Grateful For….by Mrs. D

3 girls

I am grateful for my family. We have three incredible daughters who teach us something new every day. I like how they are involved in activities that are familiar to me and some things that are completely new. Nicole is pursuing a degree in Elementary Education which I know about but she loves to sing. I cannot even begin to do that, especially on stage! Jordan and Brynn play soccer, which I am familiar with, but they play on the field. I was a keeper so I learn something every time I watch them play. I am grateful for my family every day!