Grateful Heart

Say something kind to someone today. We are often quick to write a note or email when something upsets us. Think about how many things bring us joy that we take for granted. A note from a friend or a student is life changing.

**I shared this on social media today as I am grading tests, commenting on end of year reflections from 6th graders, and planning the week ahead.

The end of the school year is too near. Yes, I look forward to summer but I also enjoy the growth students see in themselves after four quarters of working hard every single day. It is not always easy. At times they may not understand or appreciate why a teacher is holding expectations high and expecting more than students think they are capable of achieving. Middle school is tough. It is a place to make mistakes, to learn, and to take responsibility for decisions and actions. I know some students will leave this year proud of what they’ve accomplished. I know some will be so glad it’s over. More often than not, when former students come back to visit the conversation begins with catching up on new classes, out of school activities and family life. Then, at some point, he or she mentions something they are grateful for.

I remember when we used to do that…….I thought it was so hard at the time.

I used to hate reading. Now I wish we could read our own book like we did at the beginning of class.

Thank you for encouraging me to believe in myself.

You taught me how to…..

Because of our blog, I now have my own.

My writing was published in….

Thank you for believing in me. 

If you didn’t push me, I don’t know where I’d be now.

I know I’ve said these things in my own head about “teachers” in my life yet I haven’t always reached out to thank the person who changed my life in some way. My own girls have had teachers that I would not say were a “fit” for them but they are all better for the experience. Like life, we learn from everyone. We treat people with kindness, respect, and curiosity. When we are curious, we engage. When we listen, not just hear but listen, we have many more opportunities for growth.

Take a moment and give back. Notice something positive. Say it. You just may be the one who makes someone else look forward to tomorrow.





4 thoughts on “Grateful Heart

  1. Thank you for helping all of us grow as a class. You give us each individual help and advice. I appreciate it very much. In LA class, we are all a community, not just classmates.

  2. Annie – your words make my heart smile. I always look forward to you coming in the room because you have such a positive vibe and bring so much to our community. Wise beyond your years, you are. Thank you for your kind words. @23anniew

  3. I would like give you a big thank you Mrs. Donnelly, I always can’t wait to have LA near the end of the day and it is always fun to do. We do super fun activities. I will always remember this class so I just want to say thank you.

  4. @Ben Your kind words mean the world to me. I really enjoy your perspective in class and I admire your perseverance with assignments that take you out of your comfort zone. You are a speedy reader! I hope you continue to write and of course, I’ll be looking for future posts on your blog.

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