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  1. 19sylvia at |

    I don’t know what I want, Christmas is my favorite holiday also.🎅🎄🎁

  2. 19alex at |

    I love Christmas too!😉 great post!

  3. 19kira at |

    I love Christmas!!!

  4. 19julia at |

    I love Christmas!🎁

  5. 19bella at |

    Christmas makes me happy no matter what happens…Christmas is the ONLY morning when I wake up early!🎄+🎅=🎁. Ahhhhh! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!

  6. 19bella at |

    Haha @sylvia

  7. 19aneesha at |

    Perfect blog Jenny!!! I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!! I kinda hope for a basketball hoop but I don’t think that is gonna happen so…

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