.what by Christy

I know a lot of people who say that .com stands for .company. In order to help some confusion, you should know .com actually stands for .commercial. To help you know what each .___  stands for, I made a list of internet domain suffixes.

.org – organization

.biz – business

.com – commercial

.net – network

.name – name

.mil – military

.gov – government

.pro – professions

.mobi – mobile device

.pro – professions

.aero – air transport industry

.int – international organizations

.tel – internet communication services

Also, every individual country has their own internet suffix, such as .co.uk for the United Kingdom and .us for the USA. Some others are: .aq – Antarctica, .ca for Canada, .cn for China, .jp for Japan, .es for Spain, and .cc for Cocos Islands. Hope this list helps you!

image from flickrrcc.bluemountains.net

information from wikipedia.org

Edublog: First Thoughts + New Technology By Cole D.

This is my first blog post. I think that Edublogs is a great place to to share ideas, learn, be creative, and interact with others. I am very excited to be writing articles and sharing them. I’m very thankful that we have such amazing technology, while others don’t have anything basically. Edublogs is one of the best technologies on the web in my opinion. I am writing this article to tell everyone that Edublogs is amazing. I think that if more people get an Edublogs account, it will change modern technology. For example, no more wasted trees by printing thousands of paper newspapers. Therefore, all newpapers would be on the Internet. Also, in the 1800s, they had no technology at all basically. And then think about now, with people texting each other things like “lol”, and many more abbreviations. Also, Siri, built into the new Apple iPhone 4S, can do basically anything you ask it. For example, you could say: Siri, find a shopping center near here. Next thing you know, BOOM! There’s a map showing all shopping centers within a 10-mile radius of your location. I think that technology is catching up very fast.

Photo Flickrcc