iPads By: Shaffer W.

My 6th grade experience with iPads was one of the best years I have ever had. Having iPads this whole year has been an honor to have because I don’t think any other school just gets an iPad for school. When I use my iPad, I use my iPad in Language Arts class.One thing that I use my iPad for in this class is vocabulary, we sometimes have 10 vocabulary words each week and I use my iPad to study them. Another class I use my iPad for is Spanish. One thing that I use my iPad for in this class is taking notes. My teacher will write information on the board and then I will copy them in Evernote on my iPad. Sometimes I don’t want to use my iPad when I email someone that has nothing to do with school because one of our teachers can see what we are doing on our iPads and I can get in big trouble. Email can be used for school use though.

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