The Ideal Teacher By: Ellie M

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My ideal teacher would post all of the homework for the next week ahead of time on the Sunday before that school week so his/her students can plan ahead for that week. An ideal teacher would also have more two-day assignents that might take a little longer to complete. Also, at our school our homework should take about 20 minutes. Some teachers say “stop once it is 20 minutes” but others just want you to finish it no matter how long it takes. An ideal teacher should also assign projects that are relatively fun that students get to choose between certain guidelines. This makes learning a lot more fun! Lastly, the ideal teacher would give you back your quizzes and tests the next day (and not lose a test or two). Half of my teachers don’t do that!


2 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher By: Ellie M

  1. Completely agree about giving more time for homework! I’m in college and I would still love more time so that is something that won’t change for a long time!
    -Nicole Donnelly

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