The Ideal Teacher by: Davi

For me, an ideal teacher would be a person who listens; a person who doesn’t think that they are superior to the students because of their age. A ideal teacher would be a person who understands kids, and helps them with their problems.

These days, teachers aren’t always open to suggestions. They have their lessons already in their head, and they don’t listen to new ideas. There will always be teachers like that. Then there are some teachers who are close, if not already ideal. They are open, listen to their students, and treat their students as equals; no matter if they are young or old, big or small, or the same religion or race. They treat their students as if they were fully fledged adults; with respect and kindness. That, is an ideal teacher.

4 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by: Davi

  1. It wasn’t on Wordle. I typed the words on Sketchbook, then rearranged them.

  2. I agree how teachers should be more open and listen to student’s suggestions and ideas.

  3. I love your point about teachers being more open and also really like your picture! Good job!
    -Nicole Donnelly

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