The Ideal Teacher by David P.

Mrs. Donnelly’s daughter is learning to be a teacher. This is the feedback I would give her as a teacher:

I think that an ideal instructor would do a lot of things differently from the position that is referred to as “teacher”. In most schools, teachers teach, hand out work, and take up the work, with no real personalization of the work. In some cases, the students in these classes do not get to choose, and often feel that the class is useless. I think an ideal instructor should teach different subjects, but divide, say, science, into different interest groups, because there is really no importance to physics unless you are willing to go into a profession that involves it. For example, the instructor could divide kids into study groups in their own levels of biology, physical science, astrophysics, medical science, and psychological science. This kind of instruction would continue until the last year of high school, where kids could prepare for the SAT’s. There would also be an optional time in the day where the instructor would divide the students into study groups to pursue their own interests.

For example, I would benefit from this time because I plan to go into computer science. I would use the time to learn more languages like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript. Fortunately, I have benefited from a teacher who inspired me (although not taught me) to learn some HTML. Another student might use the time to learn all about a sport if they planned to do sports as their profession, or astronomy. Teaching is a constantly debated matter, and I have an idea as to what an ideal teacher would do.


3 thoughts on “The Ideal Teacher by David P.

  1. Thanks so much for your advice! I will definitely remember these suggestions when it comes my time to teach in the classroom!
    -Nicole Donnelly

  2. I like the idea of splitting up into different groups to pursue your interests because it gives you a chance to learn more about what you want to learn.

  3. Thanks, Ryan! I agree that it is not good to learn something unless your job will include it. It’s a waste to learn something like physics if you want to be an accountant or something…..

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