The Westing Game By Joanna B.

In Language Arts, we read The Westing Game. While we read the book, we made trading cards for each character. We had a list of 25 characters to draw pictures of and write short bits of information about. A trading card has 10 boxes to put information in. Each box has some other bit of information.







In the trading card, you can add a picture and change the style of the card


The Westing Game by Franny C

The Westing Game was a great book. It was so clever and well written. I loved it so much and I will definitely read it again. It was interesting to read and listen to. The author, Ellen Raskin, must be very smart and clever to write a book like that. I loved all the characters, and it had that special characteristic that you don’t want to stop reading and you dread when that end of class bell will ring. I love that in a book.

The book was great. The things we got to do with the book were really cool. I had never used Trading Cards before, and it was a whole new experience. It was really fun, and I enjoyed making the drawings. I only saw a few of other people’s, but I loved how each drawing clearly show the important aspects of the character as in the book, yet they were all so different. I never could have seen that with printed pictures. I liked how we, ourselves, got to draw the characters instead of all having the same. Like I said before, it is really cool to see how other people were able to show the same character, but how they pictured them. I loved the experience, and I would really like to do something else like it again.