The Westing Game By Joanna B.

In Language Arts, we read The Westing Game. While we read the book, we made trading cards for each character. We had a list of 25 characters to draw pictures of and write short bits of information about. A trading card has 10 boxes to put information in. Each box has some other bit of information.







In the trading card, you can add a picture and change the style of the card


The Westing Game by Franny C

The Westing Game was a great book. It was so clever and well written. I loved it so much and I will definitely read it again. It was interesting to read and listen to. The author, Ellen Raskin, must be very smart and clever to write a book like that. I loved all the characters, and it had that special characteristic that you don’t want to stop reading and you dread when that end of class bell will ring. I love that in a book.

The book was great. The things we got to do with the book were really cool. I had never used Trading Cards before, and it was a whole new experience. It was really fun, and I enjoyed making the drawings. I only saw a few of other people’s, but I loved how each drawing clearly show the important aspects of the character as in the book, yet they were all so different. I never could have seen that with printed pictures. I liked how we, ourselves, got to draw the characters instead of all having the same. Like I said before, it is really cool to see how other people were able to show the same character, but how they pictured them. I loved the experience, and I would really like to do something else like it again.

The Westing Game by Neil

The Westing Game is a mystery novel written by the award winning author Ellen Raskin. The way the book played out had me guessing until the end. At first all we know is that Sam Westing was murdered and that his murderer is among his heirs.There are sixteen heirs that have a chance to inherit Sam Westing’s fortune. To do so they must take part in a game to figure out who murdered Sam Westing. Throughout the rest of the book Ellen Raskin sets many false paths that I fell for myself. Soon I was wondering what in the book was what I thought it was. Near the end of the adventure heirs are still unable to figure out who did it. That is only one problem because they will soon find out that the the guilty one, who took Sam’s life will soon take another. All of this leads up to a very exciting climax involving sacrifices, trials, and finally justice.

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The Westing Game by: Davi

When I first started reading The Westing Game, I thought it was just going to be another mystery, where you know who committed the crime halfway through the book. As my class progressed through the book, I started to realize that The Westing Game was much more complicated than I thought. Ellen Raskin, the author, writes so many clues; some are hidden, and some are put right under your nose, but you don’t notice them. Simple words such as rose (don’t worry, this is not a spoiler) suddenly become blaring clues. It’s amazing how such a simple book can be so complex. The Westing Game may seem like just another mystery book, but I strongly recommend that you read it.

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