The Westing Game by Neil

The Westing Game is a mystery novel written by the award winning author Ellen Raskin. The way the book played out had me guessing until the end. At first all we know is that Sam Westing was murdered and that his murderer is among his heirs.There are sixteen heirs that have a chance to inherit Sam Westing’s fortune. To do so they must take part in a game to figure out who murdered Sam Westing. Throughout the rest of the book Ellen Raskin sets many false paths that I fell for myself. Soon I was wondering what in the book was what I thought it was. Near the end of the adventure heirs are still unable to figure out who did it. That is only one problem because they will soon find out that the the guilty one, who took Sam’s life will soon take another. All of this leads up to a very exciting climax involving sacrifices, trials, and finally justice.

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