If I Were an Adult for a Day… By Sam D.

I wake up and fall out of bed. There is a loud thud. That is very strange because I don’t thud like that. It is also strange because I have a loft bed not a normal bed. I go to brush my teeth and see that I am big. I get happy because I am a grown-up. I go to my garage and there is a Ferrari in the spot where a car should be. I get even happier. I get in my car and drive to the gas station. They say that because I have a cool car I get special gas for free. I am excited because the gas prices are going up these days. I drive to Taco Bell and order a taco. I drive away eating my taco and go to the bank. I wanted to know how much money I owned. I asked the person and she said I had 7 quadrillion dollars. I am now so happy I almost have a seizure or something. I go back to my house and realize it is only 9:30! Wait, taco for breakfast? Who cares! I notice that I have a butler named Gordon. I say, “Gordon, go get me some Hawaiian Punch please.” And instead of saying “No, go get it yourself,” he actually went and got it for me! And that’s how my day as a multi-quadrillionaire grown-up went!

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