We Created It 2011 By: Audrey M.

In 2011 there were countless tragedies and victories but the ones that stick with me are the death of Steve Jobs, the Royal Wedding, Osama Bin Laden, and Japan’s tsunami. All of these things make up the year of 2011, the ups and downs, the good and bad, all of it.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 and died on October 5, 2011. As many of you know, Steve Jobs was the co-founder of Apple. He created many great technologies that will always be a part of us and will live on forever.

The Royal Wedding, the marriage of Catherine Middleton(Kate Middleton) and Prince William the Duke of Cambridge.  A vast majority of people in the United States stayed up until 2am to the watch it live on TV.

Osama Bin Laden was the leader of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda was the very best of the Islamist terrorists. They were the ones who flew planes into the Twin Towers and started a fire on September 11, 2001.

Japan was bombarded with a tsunami and an earthquake. 15,839 have died, 5,950 were injured, and 3,642 are still missing in the tsunami and approximately 1oo,100 died in the earthquake. This was a worldwide disaster but Japan’s women’s soccer team took home the World Cup and brought back respect for their country.

This is why the year 2011 means so much to me. In 2012, I hope for a disaster-free year.


Photo Credits to: Audrey M.2011

On We Go… By: Ashwin S.



Image from Wikimedia Commons

Finally the end of 2011 is near. Over this year there have been many changes for good and for bad. One of the things that is the most memorable to me is the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring is a nickname for the number of revolutions in the Middle East. This stands out to me because it shows how regular people can stand up and change the place they live in. I think that the revolution that stands out the most to me is the one in Libya. In the end you have to realize, no matter how much power you wield, the people below you can always take it away. I think Gaddafi (former dictator of Libya) didn’t realize that until right before his death. After Gaddafi’s death, I think that many dictators now realize that they have to be more careful. Another important thing that happened is the death of Osama Bin Laden. He was an evil man and do you know what happens to evil men? They get killed just like he did. Al-Qaeda is now very much weakened which is good because they are a terrorist society, and hopefully this will get a message through the thick heads of some people. If you are bad, you will face the consequences.

I’m also looking forward to 2012. The thing that’s really standing out about 2012 is the supposed Apocalypse the Mayans predicted. Hopefully not too many people will get worried and take drastic measures (commit suicide, spend all of their money) since I sincerely doubt that the Apocalypse will happen but you never know. Till then, on we go…

We Made It by: Isha

2011. A most eventful year. Tsunamis, earthquakes,crises, and many more tragedies and happy things too. Each of these things filled our day with joy or sorrow and each of these things affected the world. But we made it. Through all this we made it.

I most remembered the tragedy of the Japan tsunami and earthquake. We had just gotten back from Japan about maybe six months before. I was shocked when I looked at the Youtube videos. I had heard that tsunamis were big but I never imagined that they could cause so much destruction includig all the people that got hurt or were separated from their families. Thinking about that caused me pain.

Going into 2012. 2012 the year that will supposedly end the world. I don’t think so. What I am most looking forward to is having a greener planet starting with cars. I know this project has already been started but I think the greener the better. We are heading towards 2012. Good Luck.


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A Year in Review by Christy

image by Christy made in Skitch

For me, the event that hit me most in 2011 was the Japan tsunami. My mom showed me a video of a boat circling around and around in the current around the tsunami, and I saw the boat actually get dragged under. I saw people on that boat in that video and that really hit me. I heard a story of a man and his dog. They were on a walk, the dog left his normal path and turned up a hill. The man, curious, followed. A moment later the tsunami hit, and the dog, on the hill, saved the man.

The reason this hit me was the reality. After watching the video, I realized what was possible. I could have been traveling in Japan at that moment. I felt lucky to be safe.

America? by Ethan G

Something that happend to me that changed my view of this world is I realized how bad shape our country is in. Our congress has corrupt members, crime rates are soaring, and we have riots in almost every city! Look at what us, the people have done with our once great nation! We are in shambles. Inflation has gone sky high, the economy is gone, after the collapse only a few of the banks went under! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID? They sold off loans that people couldn’t pay off, then when they had the houses they would package up the old loans and sell them off! These people were rewarded for being corrupt! Now on to another point, the debt. We are in debt 400% . No one in congress is wanting to make it smaller. The government has tons of useless polices. They want to get rid of the debt by spending more money! How can we make ourselves back to what we once were?

America, are we really so great?

In 2012 I look forward to the future, whatever it may bring…

America with a question mark over it

2011 and 2012 By Gus

Emerald+tunnelFlickrCC- Tsunami

A tsunami, I'm not sure if it is Japan.

           2011. Many things happened during this both exciting and disastrous year. The death of Steve Jobs was a major change. He created the Mac company and helped create Pixar. The tsunami and earthquake in Japan caused a nuclear power plant to be destroyed, and thousands of people had to evacuate. None have come back since. The ten year anniversary of 9-11 caused sadness and worry, since from recent years attacks have happened on anniversaries. 2011 was filled with events, and new technology and medications are being made. 2012 will be filled with new stuff, and I hope that it will be a better year than 2011. I am looking forward to 2012, and I hope you are too. It will be a year of new, a year of good, and let’s hope the real calendar doesn’t end on the Mayan. Let’s hope that the population doesn’t go much higher than the 7,000,000,000 that it is right now.

2011: A Year in Review By: Davis C

This year has been a HUGE year, that doesn’t mean that it has had it’s downs too. Like with the tenth year of 9/11, or with the floods in Japan and Brazil, and with the death of Steve Jobs along with a ton of  amazing people. The thing I think I will remember is with the death of Osama Bin Laden because he was a horrible man to Americans, so this was a huge deal. The think I will look forward to is seeing if my Great Great Great Aunt will turn 100! I think she will but I don’t know. So I hope you all have a happy holidays and happy new year!









We Made It By: Forbes

In 2011, I had MANY things that have placed a huge impact on my life. This past week my aunt just had twins. We had been keeping them in our prayers for a long time because they were very sick. My aunt had one boy and one girl. The little girl’s name is Mary Catherine and the boy’s name is Wood. I haven’t met them yet because they literally just got home from the hospital. I think that my mom and I are going to go visit them right before Christmas. I have already bought their Christmas presents!

The thing that I am looking most forward to in 2012 when I first get back is to babysit the twins. I will have to feed them, change their diapers, put them to sleep, and play with them. I want to take them on several walks. I will also have their older sister to help me babysit. She is 5 years old and the CUTEST thing in the world. I can not wait until I get to babysit them.


Twin boy and Girl

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Thinking Back and Looking Forward by James


photo made by James using Skitch

Today in LA class we watched a video about the things that were searched on Google the most during 2011. I was thinking about her suggestion for a blog post about what we liked in 2011 and what we’re looking forward to in 2012. After thinking about it for a while I thought that one of the most important things in 2011 for me was when my grandmother came back from Jamaica with a hurt back. She tripped on a telephone cord and hit her back on the tile. For a wile she couldn’t walk very much, nor could she stand much. She also had a messed up toe, but since it looked pretty disgusting I didn’t look at it much. Another bad thing that happened in 2011 was that the neighbor of my piano teacher had a miscarriage. As they both go to my church my family went to the funeral. I am looking forward to 2012 because my parents said I might be getting a dog.I have wanted a dog for almost five years now. It has been the number one thing on my Christmas lists.