iPad Stylus by Lauren H

I think that my favorite stylus is the Amazon stylus. It is small and easy to fit inside the iPad. It is light and to me feels Ike a pencil and in very comfortable. The Bamboo stylus is also nice but I like the Amazon stylus just a little better. I hope that we end up using the Amazon stylus next year!

iPads Next Year Lauren H

For next year I would like to keep Dictionary.com, Good Reader, and Flashcards. Dictionary because it helps find good definitions and is useful for language arts homework. Good reader because it downloads PDF file and lets you write on top of them-this is really good for doing homework on an iPad. Flashcards because if I need to study something, I can’t lose the flashcards and also this app makes it easier to keep organized. For next year my request app would be a calculator app (the iPads right now do not have calculators!!) If that can be added, it would be great! So that’s about it-I would ask for an app like CookieDoodle or AngryBirds, but I don’t think those will end up getting put on the iPads.




The Giver by Lauren

In language arts we are reading The Giver. In the book there are different people assigned to different jobs. In language arts, we were asked to write down what assignment we would be assigned to. The one that I think I would be assigned to would be Law. I would like to work in the law to make safe and fair laws for everyone but make sure there are not too many laws either. That is the assignment I would do.

Game My Family Likes To Play

A game my family likes to play is Monopoly. When

we play, we usually play it straight for hours

sometimes taking little breaks. I learned how to

play when I was five. My cousins also like playing but

not as much as my mom, and sisters. I am not as

crazy about it and will play for a while but then I will

leave them to finish the game. They usually play

on snow days or rainy days. Sometimes my nanny

or au pair plays too.  I guess you could say it (Monopoly) runs in the




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If one day, I woke up and realized that I was an adult,

the first thing I would do is go shopping. After shopping,

I would go and find work at a fashion company. I

would work as a designer. Then I would (since I would be

old enough) go and get a driver’s license and

buy a car. Then I would put on a PRADA jacket, flare

jeans, and a pair of black slingback pumps.  Then I

would go and meet up with my friends and  go to a

little resturant. After that, I would go back to work and

design a dress or two. That is what I would do.


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2011-2012 by Lauren

Wow-we made it! A lot has happened like the

earthquake in Japan, the flood in Brazil, the Euro

crisis in Greece. I can’t belive so much could happen

in one year, three hundred and sixty five days. I know

I will remember the good and the bad in 2011.

Hopefully next year less disaster and hardships will


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What I’m Thankful For By Lauren H


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Hi! Sorry, a little delay on the Thanksgiving thankful write-hehe. So here it is!

I am thankful for my family, and my pets. I am thankful that I get to do figure skating and modeling. I am thankful for the big turkey too! I am thankful for friends and teachers. I am thankful for school (minus the homework.) Wow, it’s already the last day of November. Tomorrow it will be December and I can start counting down the days ’till Christmas. So happy holidays to everyone!