Apollo 13 by Ian L

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 The beginning of the movie started off normally. I didn’t even know that something was going wrong. The part was funny, but I felt really bad for Ken Mattingly who didn’t get to go to the moon, because they thought he had the measles. The main character is Jim Lovell. When they get into space there is many scenes showing the zero-gravity and how the astronauts mess around in it. When they are near the moon, Mission Control instructs them to make a routine oxygen tank shift. When Jack does this, the tank blows up, and damages the ship. Their oxygen is running out and Mission control must find a way to get them back to earth in time. Luckily, they make it back to earth and survive reentry. This mission was called a successful failure because they survived, but never touched down on the moon.

Apollo 13 Summary By Gus

Apollo 13. The unluckiest space flight not on a space shuttle. Three astronauts who are on a spaceship (Aquarius), have a major malfunction on their original, simple, moon flight. About ten minutes after liftoff, an engine bursts, doing nothing, but that will later endanger the astronauts. When Houston (command center) tells one of the astronauts to stir the oxygen tanks, a side panel bursts and all of a sudden the astronauts are losing all their life support. Not only are their life supports gone, but they have hardly any energy and can’t see the Earth. To make matters even worse, one of the astronauts gets very sick, and is too weak to do much. It looked like to me that 13 is truly an unlucky number.

While the astronauts are not only out of energy, the carbon dioxide levels are increasing majorly. Just seconds before blackout, the astronauts create a replacement filter for the one that was destroyed. One thing that I find amazing is that the sick astronaut ripped the bag, so the others had to use a SOCK to fix it. Houston finds a way to get back to Earth by using the moon’s gravity to hurl them back towards Earth. While this works, they encounter ANOTHER challenge. Since the engines were very powerful, the spaceship was hurtling in all different directions. Finally, with three seconds till energy ran out, the pilot managed to get in the exact position.

But this wasn’t easy. Imagine the Earth as a basketball and the Moon as a softball. The spaceship would have to hit a section of the earth no wider than a piece of paper just to get in the atmosphere, and they would have to hit a place on the Earth less than the size of a pinhead (not the real Earth, but the basketball). The final incredible thing is that the spaceship didn’t hit the water until after 2 minutes than the average time. Nobody has reentered that slow ever.



2011-2012 by Lauren

Wow-we made it! A lot has happened like the

earthquake in Japan, the flood in Brazil, the Euro

crisis in Greece. I can’t belive so much could happen

in one year, three hundred and sixty five days. I know

I will remember the good and the bad in 2011.

Hopefully next year less disaster and hardships will


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