Apollo 13 by Ian L

Picture from Wikimedia Commons

 The beginning of the movie started off normally. I didn’t even know that something was going wrong. The part was funny, but I felt really bad for Ken Mattingly who didn’t get to go to the moon, because they thought he had the measles. The main character is Jim Lovell. When they get into space there is many scenes showing the zero-gravity and how the astronauts mess around in it. When they are near the moon, Mission Control instructs them to make a routine oxygen tank shift. When Jack does this, the tank blows up, and damages the ship. Their oxygen is running out and Mission control must find a way to get them back to earth in time. Luckily, they make it back to earth and survive reentry. This mission was called a successful failure because they survived, but never touched down on the moon.

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  1. I saw the preview for Apollo 13, and it looked really creepy. With the oxygen masks breaking.

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