What job I’d have in the Giver by Ethan G

I think if I had a job in the giver it would be, Department of Justice, Lawyer. This is because I want to be a lawyer in real life and am good at arguing. I would try and get this assignment by volunteering at the department of justice. Also that way I could maintain order in the Utopian society. I think it would be fun because some of these rules are kind of silly so I could administer punishment for them. That is why I would like to be a lawyer.

Camera Problems and iMovie By: Ashwin S. and Ethan G.

                                                                                                From Wikimedia Commons

During the filming of our tech project, the camera that was filming us ran out of battery. This presented a serious problem. We tried to plug the battery in but it took a long time to charge. We had to wait until it was charged, so we didn’t get it done that day. The next day when it was charged, Ethan finished it in the morning but didn’t save it. He left early that day because  he was feeling bad. Ashwin had to restart the project on iMovie. Ashwin didn’t know anything about iMovie but Ashwin got one of his friends, Ian, to help him. In the end Ashwin and Ethan finished the project and it turned out well.

Apollo 13, By Ethan G

Apollo 13 is a tragic story of three astronauts that almost died in space. But failure was not an option. The pilot was ordered to stir the oxygen tanks. There was a defect in oxygen tank 2. It caused an explosion which knocked an entire side of  the rocket. The heat shield and the batteries were damaged. They only had 20 amps left to run the reentry sequence. They exited reentry one and a half minutes late. It is considered NASA’s greatest achievement getting the Apollo 13 command module back home. It demonstrates great american ingenuity to get the successful failure back down to earth.

Swimming with Dolphins By Ethan G

When I went on my spring break cruise I swam with dolphin on an island off of Mexico called Cozumel. We went to a dolphin reserve called Dolphinaris. The dolphin’s name was Bina. The trainer told us what to do and then we got in the water. I was the fist one to kiss the dolphin. I had to put my hands into my life jacket and then the dolphin came up and kissed me on the cheek. Then I turned and it kissed me on the lips. After that I hugged the dolphin in a very different way than I expected. I put my hands under its nose and on its back. Then I rode on the dolphin. I swam out into the middle of the pool and stuck my left hand out. Then the dolphin swam up behind me and I grabbed its fins. I took me all the way back to the platform. Overall that was probably one of the most fun things I have ever done.

Risk by Ethan

I play Risk with my family because I like the idea of world domination. It is really fun because I always win. I have the best army, the best home country, and and the best army. Tip: Europe is to be taken at the end of the game because it is a serious pain in the rear. You need to rely heavily on cards to supply yourself with troops. Take Kamchatka early. My forces are unstoppable, I have never lost a game. My superior strategy will destroy you with your sad inferior troops. Risk is really fun and you should play it.



If I Was an Adult by Ethan G.

If I was an adult I would open a criminal prosecution law firm in Chicago. I would grow a Franz Joseph mustache and have three personal mustache groomers. I would have a wife who would spend all her time in my synthetic tropical reserve caring for my various pets, except my iguana named Alex. He would have a shoulder post mounted onto my various suits by my private butler Jenkins who I will trust with my life. Jenkins would be trained in karate and be able to hit a target with a gun from 125 ft. I would also have wings and a tail. Jenkins would care for my wings, but two groomers would care for my tails. I wouldn’t have a car because I could fly anywhere and its better for the environment. I would have a glass house built at cloud level supported by various iron beams. Also I would run the most popular news channel and it would NOT BE DEPRESSING. My law firm would be the worlds tallest building by a mile and it would be shaped like a giant swan. I would have one kid. He would have a entire wing in the glass house and several rooms dedicated to his pleasure in the swan building. I would have my own amusement park inside my vacation home in the mountains outside Rio de Janeiro. I would also have a winter retreat in Moscow equipped with a giant fireplace. My Iguana would be my top advisor. My sister would be given a janitorial job at my swan building. I would also have a team of 50 maids/bodyguards that would check all my rooms for me. That would be a perfect day as an adult for me!

America? by Ethan G

Something that happend to me that changed my view of this world is I realized how bad shape our country is in. Our congress has corrupt members, crime rates are soaring, and we have riots in almost every city! Look at what us, the people have done with our once great nation! We are in shambles. Inflation has gone sky high, the economy is gone, after the collapse only a few of the banks went under! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID? They sold off loans that people couldn’t pay off, then when they had the houses they would package up the old loans and sell them off! These people were rewarded for being corrupt! Now on to another point, the debt. We are in debt 400% . No one in congress is wanting to make it smaller. The government has tons of useless polices. They want to get rid of the debt by spending more money! How can we make ourselves back to what we once were?

America, are we really so great?

In 2012 I look forward to the future, whatever it may bring…

America with a question mark over it

Laptop Review 2 by Ethan G

Recently I have not been using my laptop because it is heavy, awkward, and I could get in trouble if I lose it. I find it is easier to leave it in the class so I don’t get in trouble. I-pads on the other hand are small, light weight, and easy to carry. They also are easy to access at the lockers for schedules and assignment note books. I believe it would be better if we had I-pads. It could be a useful tool but it is too big and bulky for me to carry around.

I also am a very organized person and these laptops are too big to organize in a small space like a locker. Yet again I-pads are small and easy to organize with many of the capabilities of a laptop. Apps are also easier to download and use on the I-pad. If we had new, smaller computers then maybe I could use them but right now they are just too big. Along with the fact that they are four years old and keep having kernel panics. In our class we continue to have a constant stream of problems like “My computer won’t charge!”, and “I can’t get my computer to turn on!” For these reasons I would suggest I-pads or smaller newer laptops which could be less bulky and easier to carry around.

http://www.apple.com/ipad/iPad Image

Reading In LA Class by Ethan G

Picture of Kindlehttp://flickrcc.net/flickrCC/index.php?terms=Kindle&edit=yes&page=1

My favorite thing about LA class is probably at the beginning of class when Mrs. Donnelly gives us 10-15 minutes of reading time. I really, really like reading. Grammar eh, vocabulary eh, but reading, that I can handle. It’s totally my favorite thing about LA. I mean seriously, reading is amazing. The power of books is awesome. The monks of medieval times decorated them with beautiful illustrations and jewels. I curse the days when we don’t get reading time. Reading can open so many doors that would otherwise be closed. Along with are current technological advancements, with Nooks, and Kindles, kids can read while feeling like they are integrating with the current technologies. This is good because kids love tech, and none more than I, so I know that if kids think that they are using tech they will jump at the first chance to grab it (especially if it is touch screen). These technologies can provide kids the satisfaction of using technology, while at the same time making teachers happy by seeing there students minds grow in all directions. Therefore I would fully promote a pilot for electronic reading devices where students could touch the latest tech and teachers the joy of watching the students minds grow full of knowledge.

Another idea would to be to have our library online so the students would not have to hold  if a book was checked out because everyone would have access to it. And, you could also monitor the library, making sure that no one could take a book without checking it out. It would be an amazing opportunity for our school, to have a pilot for electronic reading devices. I would hope that people at our fine school would be responsible enough to handle such devices with the proper amount of care. This technology will help our school integrate technology into our curriculum and will allow us to take a step that few or no other school has taken in this direction of equipping our students with electronic reading devices and having a library online that is safe from people taking books without checking them out. We as a school could set an example for the city, or the county, or the state, or multiple states, or the whole country! With our fast developing world, it is important to stay up to date with the latest tech with reading as well as computers. Think about it, one school can impact an entire country in a sweeping phenomenon, that one school, could be your school, or my school, or any school at all. The students at my school would all support the chance to get there hands on some new tech to experiment and have fun. This could broaden our horizons and change the course of education for our country and in ten years help us stay on top of China.

I know that education is top priority to parents and teachers, but to students, all we want is a light backpack and not to many books to deal with. This pilot would allow students to have their books all in one place that is very thin and weighs as much as a magazine. Plus the fact that online books cost less than that of  real books. For all you smart people concerned about the environment these books also require no paper in order for you to read them. This pilot could allow us to advance a step forward in the world of technology.

I hope that you all support my ideas and think them worthwhile. I appreciate all of you that have taken the time to read my ideas and comment on my proposition/blog post. I appreciate your feedback and will make edits accordingly. Thank you!