Laptop Review 2 by Ethan G

Recently I have not been using my laptop because it is heavy, awkward, and I could get in trouble if I lose it. I find it is easier to leave it in the class so I don’t get in trouble. I-pads on the other hand are small, light weight, and easy to carry. They also are easy to access at the lockers for schedules and assignment note books. I believe it would be better if we had I-pads. It could be a useful tool but it is too big and bulky for me to carry around.

I also am a very organized person and these laptops are too big to organize in a small space like a locker. Yet again I-pads are small and easy to organize with many of the capabilities of a laptop. Apps are also easier to download and use on the I-pad. If we had new, smaller computers then maybe I could use them but right now they are just too big. Along with the fact that they are four years old and keep having kernel panics. In our class we continue to have a constant stream of problems like “My computer won’t charge!”, and “I can’t get my computer to turn on!” For these reasons I would suggest I-pads or smaller newer laptops which could be less bulky and easier to carry around. Image

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