iPad Styluses by Matthew


In class today we tried out the iPad styluses. We tried the Bamboo, the Amazon Basics, and the Cosmonaut. I liked the Bamboo the best because it felt more like a pencil. I didn’t like the Amazon Basics because the flap kept bugging my work. I liked the Cosmonaut because it was good for drawing but it was too big to write with. That is why I liked the Bamboo the best.


iMovie Madness!!! By: Ashwin Singh

imovie logo

iMovie logo From Wikimedia Commons

As you might know from my last post we were just working on a tech project. For the tech project we had to make a minute long movie, or some other presentation, about apps for the iPad ot other related technology. As I said in my last post, my partner on the project edited our video on iMovie, but forgot to save it, and then he left early from school because he was sick! Even worse was that the project was due that day and I didn’t know how to use iMovie!!! I was really worried about what I would do but with the help of my friend Ian, I was able to finish my tech project, learn how to use iMovie and the project turned out great! Now I know that whenever I need help or don’t get something, I can always get a friend to help me!

Our Quizlet Voicethread! By: Forbes, Audrey, and Cat

In LA, we just finished our Tech Project on Quizlet. We had a few careless mistakes. First of all, we were filming our project and one of the parents came in the library and was asking us a question while filming. Her voice ended up in the video so we had to shoot another video. Another thing that went wrong was that one of our partners was sick on the day that we had to finish filming. Luckily, we finished on time! Next, the day that Cat wasn’t there, we had to transfer our million screenshots into iMovie. Audrey and I didn’t know how to work iMovie at all! Lastly, our iMovie wouldn’t download into a VoiceThread. These our some of our challenges we had to face!

Problems by Olivia C.


The Title Slide for My Project

In LA we had to do a tech prject. I made a video about how iPads are helpful at school. I had some problems. It took me a little bit to get the camera started and I had to figure out how to get on to my school account. It also took longer to process the video when I downloaded it. Other than that, it was easy and fun.

iPad Project By Mariana R and Aishwarya J



Aiswharya and I did a project about skitch. We had to do a lot of videos to make it perfect. Whenever we messed up we would always  laugh. The best part was when we finally got the video perfect. It was fun working together.  When one of us made a mistake we would help each other make it better. We had some problems the first time with Photo Booth when we tried to up load it to Voicethread. We recorded our video outside so it turned out that you couldn’t see our faces that well. We made a script to help us as we went through the recording.

Tech Project – How to Download By Isha and Christy

This is how to download a video off an iTouch from iMovie to a mac computer.

For our LA class we had to download a video from an iTouch for our tech project. We had a little trouble with this.  We didn’t know how! First we tried emailing it. However, the file was too large. Then we tried to sync it with the computer, it didn’t work. Then finally we inserted the iPod cord into the computer. We then went to  iTunes and clicked on Christy’s iPod. Once there we clicked on Apps and then to iMovie. After that we took the file from the iPod iMovie and put it in the Mac iMovie. Next we saved it and downloaded it into VoiceThread, a website for video and picture streams. That’s how you download a movie from iMovie on an iPod to a mac. You don’t have to do the VoiceThread step – we did that because we needed to share it.

This is iTunes. Image: screenshot image of iTunes

Camera Problems and iMovie By: Ashwin S. and Ethan G.

                                                                                                From Wikimedia Commons

During the filming of our tech project, the camera that was filming us ran out of battery. This presented a serious problem. We tried to plug the battery in but it took a long time to charge. We had to wait until it was charged, so we didn’t get it done that day. The next day when it was charged, Ethan finished it in the morning but didn’t save it. He left early that day because  he was feeling bad. Ashwin had to restart the project on iMovie. Ashwin didn’t know anything about iMovie but Ashwin got one of his friends, Ian, to help him. In the end Ashwin and Ethan finished the project and it turned out well.

Tech Project by Ian L and Davis C

We made a tech project for language arts class. We did our project about Google Docs. This project may or may not be shown to people who make this big decisions at D.A. Though the process was mostly smooth, we did encounter some very annoying problems. We filmed our movie on a flip camera. Then we downloaded it on to iMovie, and problems instantly occurred. We put in our video, but our audio was too quiet, so we boosted the volume to 500%. This definitely solved our problems. Next, iMovie was being annoying and whenever I moved my mouse, it moved where I was in the movie. This made us mad, but we overcame. It ended up being a good project.

This is a picture from our project