Tech Project – How to Download By Isha and Christy

This is how to download a video off an iTouch from iMovie to a mac computer.

For our LA class we had to download a video from an iTouch for our tech project. We had a little trouble with this.  We didn’t know how! First we tried emailing it. However, the file was too large. Then we tried to sync it with the computer, it didn’t work. Then finally we inserted the iPod cord into the computer. We then went to  iTunes and clicked on Christy’s iPod. Once there we clicked on Apps and then to iMovie. After that we took the file from the iPod iMovie and put it in the Mac iMovie. Next we saved it and downloaded it into VoiceThread, a website for video and picture streams. That’s how you download a movie from iMovie on an iPod to a mac. You don’t have to do the VoiceThread step – we did that because we needed to share it.

This is iTunes. Image: screenshot image of iTunes

3 thoughts on “Tech Project – How to Download By Isha and Christy

  1. First of all I really liked your video. It seemed flawless, so I am a little surprised you guys came up with a problem like you did, but on the other hand it seems like you were able to solve it. How exactly does iMovie work? I have always wanted to use it, but I don’t know how. Your project was interesting and creative and I think that the teachers will really like it.

  2. iMovie is a program where you upload videos and you can add sound, music, transitions, text, backgrounds, and more.

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