iPad Styluses by Matthew


In class today we tried out the iPad styluses. We tried the Bamboo, the Amazon Basics, and the Cosmonaut. I liked the Bamboo the best because it felt more like a pencil. I didn’t like the Amazon Basics because the flap kept bugging my work. I liked the Cosmonaut because it was good for drawing but it was too big to write with. That is why I liked the Bamboo the best.


My Tech Project By Marta

In class for the last two weeks, we had to do a nice project about how to use Mac products, how to use websites or apps, or why an object is better than the other. I made a Google Docs document, with an article about why me and Yahoo Answers prefer iPad ebooks instead of  normal textbooks because of the weight, number of textbooks, etc. The obstacles I faced were finding how many people on Yahoo Answers  preferred either iPad or textbooks.  With it I made a pie graph, which was only an approximate, but that showed how many people preferred either iPad or textbooks.