Our Quizlet Voicethread! By: Forbes, Audrey, and Cat

In LA, we just finished our Tech Project on Quizlet. We had a few careless mistakes. First of all, we were filming our project and one of the parents came in the library and was asking us a question while filming. Her voice ended up in the video so we had to shoot another video. Another thing that went wrong was that one of our partners was sick on the day that we had to finish filming. Luckily, we finished on time! Next, the day that Cat wasn’t there, we had to transfer our million screenshots into iMovie. Audrey and I didn’t know how to work iMovie at all! Lastly, our iMovie wouldn’t download into a VoiceThread. These our some of our challenges we had to face!

Quizlet by Josh K

Quizlet is a very useful and fun tool. At www.quizlet.com you can find and make your own flashcards for your vocabulary. There is one catch. You must create an account. At the top right corner of the screen click on sign up. Choose a username and a password. At the end it will ask you for your age. For people under thirteen, ask your parents if you can use their birthday to set up a family account. After creating your account log in and click on make flashcards. You can then create flashcards of your vocabulary for school. When finished creating, you can, learn, test yourself, play speller, or try a game. Of the games my favorite is Space Race. Warning! If you are not a quick typer, this is not a game for you, but it is fun. The object of Space Race is to type your vocabulary words before they disappear. If you pass a level you gain a life. If you run out of lives the game is over. My high score is 30,000 something.  Scatter is a matching game. You try to match the definition of your words to the term in the fastest time. I haven’t found a way to lose yet, but the goal is to have the fastest time. I have only been using Quizlet for under a week, but I know that it will be a great study tool. I recommend you get Quizlet today.

picture from  wikimedia creative commons