I Made It By Mariana R

I made it through 2011 and the rough year that everybody has had. There are things that happened in 2011 that I think the next generations can’t forget. That is why I am going to write about it.

Steve Jobs

The death of Steve Jobs was very surprising. Steve Jobs was a great person. Everybody will remember his name for as long as we can keep it up. Steve Jobs made Apple a very successful business. He made many people happy with the iPhone, iMac, and other things from the Apple company.

Osama Bin Laden

Osama was a very bad person. We will all remember 9.11. Osama was the one who organized 9.11 and the tragic deaths. He was the number one most wanted on our C.I.A wanted list. His death was very celebrated in America. Before he got shot he used one of his many wives as a human shield.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

The Japan earthquake and tsunami was a very tragic occurrence. Many people died. The people of Japan were very scared and needed help. Many people were sent to help the people that couldn’t help themselves. I tried to do whatever I could to help. I couldn’t go to Japan because it was the middle of school year for me but I still kept up with the news about Japan. My dad helped me find a source to help Japan by sending money and things that they might need.

Soldiers Come Home

The event of the soldiers coming home from battle is huge because all the moms, wives, family, and children of the men and women will get to see their family. If my dad, brother , or another family member went away to war I would be worried and I would miss them so much. If they came home by surprise I would feel like I just found a missing piece of me. That is why I know how the family of these soldiers would feel. It is a very happy and loving event.

A picture of 2011 with a Happy New Year Sign under it



2011 and 2012 By Gus

Emerald+tunnelFlickrCC- Tsunami

A tsunami, I'm not sure if it is Japan.

           2011. Many things happened during this both exciting and disastrous year. The death of Steve Jobs was a major change. He created the Mac company and helped create Pixar. The tsunami and earthquake in Japan caused a nuclear power plant to be destroyed, and thousands of people had to evacuate. None have come back since. The ten year anniversary of 9-11 caused sadness and worry, since from recent years attacks have happened on anniversaries. 2011 was filled with events, and new technology and medications are being made. 2012 will be filled with new stuff, and I hope that it will be a better year than 2011. I am looking forward to 2012, and I hope you are too. It will be a year of new, a year of good, and let’s hope the real calendar doesn’t end on the Mayan. Let’s hope that the population doesn’t go much higher than the 7,000,000,000 that it is right now.