Memory Choice by Cam

In the Giver, Jonas has to receive memories such as sledding down a hill. If I could have any memory then it would probably be skiing down a hill. This would be really fun because in The Giver there are no hills. I also really enjoy skiing.

The Giver by Cam B

The Giver is set in a utopia or a perfect city. There are no animals and everything is very organized and restrained. In the community, at the age of twelve, people are assigned assignments for the rest of their lives until they become and Elder. I would like to be a Department of Professional Recreation Participant. In other words, an professional athlete. Life might not actually be all that bad…

My Little Portable Magnetic British Monopoly Board by Cam

My brother came into my room one day, not so long ago. Normally I would have kicked him out but something got my attention. He was holding a little portable magnetic Monopoly board. We had just gotten back from Colorado and I had gotten really into Monopoly. Turns out it was completely out of order. I was lazy and decided not to do anything…

A few days later… I had finished Cosmic and when I went up to my room and saw my disorientated Monopoly set. Then I remembered that Hasan Xanadu had the same magnetic travel set on the Infinite Possibility, the crew’s ship for going into space. I brought it into class today and here is a picture. Did I mention it was British?

New Baseball Team By Cam

This past weekend my new baseball team had our first game. I missed the practice where we got our uniforms so I had to change in the car. The uniform had a grey, long-sleeved shirt with OC in orange on the left chest area for Orange County. I also got a jersey that had 11, my number, on the back and Crushers, underlined on the front. In addition to that I got two pairs of Nike Elite socks. I also got a few other shirts along with that. We had our first game against the HYAA Allstars. We didn’t stand a chance. We were beat 2-10 but luckily it was just a scrimmage. It gets real this weekend though when we go to a tournament in Burlington. We better be ready… (I’ll post the the turnouts after with 3 or more comments.)

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Utah: Days 3 and 4 by Cam

Day 3

On day three my dad and I woke up at about six o’clock and went downstairs like yesterday and did all the same stuff. But there was one thing about today that was totally different than yesterday: we were going to an entirely different resort. Instead of switching over to Alta we decided to stay in Snowbird today. We geared up and headed out and decided to test some slightly familiar runs out. We rode up the lift that could take us to the other side of the Tram ridge (a tram is a big gondola capable of many more people than a gondola and it goes 30 mph!) to get over to the Gadzoom lift. Once at the top of that we recognized a run that we had done last year: The Black Forest. This run was not all that steep until the very end where it turned super steep. This my-kind-of run took us right down to the real deal, Gad 2. We took Gad 2 up and did it through the afternoon when we finally got tired. If you’re wondering the skill level of this lift you could multiply Black Forest by two and get the runs it serviced. When we got back to the hotel dad went off to the hottub and I stayed and  relaxed on the room and went to the arcade. I ordered room service again and watched the Lakers vs. Knicks game and the Knicks with Jeremy Lin won, I also did some homework. It had been a good ski day and I was tired.

Day 4

When I woke up I couldn’t believe that it was my last ski day until March. You know what they say: “Time flies when you’re havin’ fun!” Today we decided to mix it up today. We did our regular routine in the morning except we had to pack up our bags because the night before was our last night in the hotel. We were going to go and see a friend that lives in Salt Lake City. When we got to the slopes we went through the tunnel and did three runs on the backside, even though it was icy, because they hadn’t opened the Alta transfer lift yet. We did the Wildcat lift in the morning (see days 1 and 2) but the snow wasn’t nearly as good as the first time on day two. Because it was only noon we decided to take the black that transfers back to Snowbird rather than take a bus back. That was a little iffy because what happened was it had gotten so warm the day before it had melted in to super soft powder and then gotten hard at night because it froze again. When we got to the run it was like drying concrete, hard on top but thick and hard to turn in once you pierced the hard stuff. I did a full somersault and got a bunch of snow in my jacket. When we finally got back to Snowbird we took the Tram up and skied of a amazingly steep and rocky cliff, just a little scary. We met up with our friend named Ed and did a much harder version of what we did which at one point was impossible to ski. Well not impossible if you’re a former Swiss national ski team member who was accompanying us. We finally got over to Gad 2 but it was already about 2:30 so we only did a few runs there. When we got back to the hotel I did a few last arcade games and bought a few gifts for my mom and brother. When we got to Carl, our friend’s, place we joined his family in a game of Monopoly and played with there maltese-chihuahua cross named Caleb who whined for a solid hour when bed hour came. He clearly did not want to be locked up for the night. I was so beat, I read for awhile and then went to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a big traveling day.


If you you would like to see Day 5 than post at least three comments. Thank you!

Utah Summary: Days 1 and 2 by Cam

I tried to do a log about Utah and yet there was always something more important to do, for example sleep. What can I say, time zone change is hard. So because I wasn’t able to post over my trip I’ll try to sum it up right now…

When we got in the hotel room my dad and I crashed. We were so tired from a long afternoon traveling on two planes. One from home to Atlanta and the other from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah. When we got to Utah we got our rental car from Budget even though it was supposed to be from Hertz, but they didn’t have it right there and then even though we had paid for it and reserved it in advance. My dad was furious because they had already charged it to his credit card but luckily he is getting it off. Because of the delay I had to sit out in the cold Utah air for thirty minutes to guard the bags, making sure nobody called the cops for unattended baggage, while dad got to stay in a warm room, bickering with the Hertz people. When we finally got out car we drove over to Snowbird, the resort we were staying at for the conference he was having there. We got up to the room and, as I said before, crashed. We were finally in Utah.

Day Two

On the second day my dad had to go to his sole purpose of being in Utah, the conference. Because Utah is two hours behind home I woke up at 4:30 rather than 6:30. I know, I am a very early riser, but I do go to bed at around 8:30 on school nights. Come seven o’clock we went down and got our free breakfast that was for conference members only. I’d have to say that there was a lot of free stuff on this trip including dad’s plane ticket and the room. Once done with breakfast I went back upstairs and did some homework for school and chilled out watching TV in the room. Once dad got back we geared up and headed out to the slopes. We took a few lifts up and even a tunnel through the mountain to get to the resort literally right next to Snowbird called Alta. We then did a ton of runs on this one lift called the Wildcat lift. Its an old and slow two seat lift that services some really great black and double blacks that I love because they are through the trees and are rarely skied because most people don’t like the trees so there is usually more snow. I am the exception. The trees are like my friends, they help me through something hard like these cliff-like slopes. They make the slope look not as steep to me. We did this for most of the day and got a ride back to our hotel and dad had to go to another conference. I ordered room service and went to the arcade and then went into a nice, peaceful sleep.

To be continued…

Utah Log: Pre-Post by Cam

This Wednesday night I am leaving for Utah. Word is that they have gotten snow unlike Colorado who has a 50 inch base, pathetic. When I am there I will be staying at a resort called SnowBird with only my dad. My mom and brother are staying home. When we get there we go to our hotel room and because it is 12:08 East coast time we go right to bed feeling exited to be there.

My Game by Cam

Parcheesi is ‘The Classic Day of India’ and its really fun. I’ve been playing this game for several years and everybody in my family likes to participate. Its a fun game where you choose an animal and you have to get all four of them out of the start area by rolling a five or a combination to make five with the two die. You win when you get all four of your animals into Home.

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If I Were An Adult by Cam

Sometimes kids always want to be like an adult. Well you never know, it could be a lot better than being a kid. Then again it could be a lot worse. As a kid you don’t have nearly as much responsibility as an adult. But as an adult you have much more power, authority and rights. If I was an adult I would probably do my best in college -which would be Harvard- and get a good job like a lawyer or musician. Something along those lines. I would marry a nice, kind and caring woman. Have two kids preferably twins and a boy and a girl. As a lawyer in the future I would be able to work from home but still be in court as a holographic picture. I would be available 10 hours a day for 7 days a week and my best friend would be the highest earning judge in the World. Life would be pretty great. 

2012 by Cam


If you ask some people about 2011 they might say things like, “Oh my gosh, the year flew by!” Or, “I had great year. My business did great!” But then if you ask them about 2012 they might say, “Well first I woke up, then I ate pancakes. After that I went to church and the organ broke.” They would go into that much detail because there has only been 1 day of the year! If you asked them what they where looking forward to, well then you can see some other posts about that on this blog. And now for the news…

Apple will supposedly come out with the iPhone 5 this summer. Speaking of which some people asked why you should get the iPhone 4S when you can get Siri the personal assistant on the iP

hone 4. Well as it turns out you can’t. It (or she!) is exclusive to the iPhone 4S with the new software update.

The U.S of A. is holding its presidential elections this year. There are many candidates to choose from including the current president, Barack Obama. 2012 is certainly a year to look forward to.