Scorpia Book Review by Michael J







At home I just finished reading Scorpia. It is part of the Alex Rider series and is the fifth of nine books. The series is by Anthony Horowitz. I like this book because it is entertaining, it has exciting action and it is very interesting.

The series is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. His parents are dead and Alex didnt know anything about them. In the beginning of the series Alex’s uncle dies. At his uncles funeral he figures out that his uncle wasn’t actually a banker but a MI6 agent (British secret intelligence). He also realized that his uncle had been training him all his life to be an agent. Alex continues to go on different missions all over the world, sometimes for MI6, sometimes by himself. In Scorpia he is told to go to Venice and find a group called Scorpia and learn what his father did and who he was. He finds out the truth and it is very shocking. This is a very interesting book.

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Utah Summary: Days 1 and 2 by Cam

I tried to do a log about Utah and yet there was always something more important to do, for example sleep. What can I say, time zone change is hard. So because I wasn’t able to post over my trip I’ll try to sum it up right now…

When we got in the hotel room my dad and I crashed. We were so tired from a long afternoon traveling on two planes. One from home to Atlanta and the other from Atlanta to Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah. When we got to Utah we got our rental car from Budget even though it was supposed to be from Hertz, but they didn’t have it right there and then even though we had paid for it and reserved it in advance. My dad was furious because they had already charged it to his credit card but luckily he is getting it off. Because of the delay I had to sit out in the cold Utah air for thirty minutes to guard the bags, making sure nobody called the cops for unattended baggage, while dad got to stay in a warm room, bickering with the Hertz people. When we finally got out car we drove over to Snowbird, the resort we were staying at for the conference he was having there. We got up to the room and, as I said before, crashed. We were finally in Utah.

Day Two

On the second day my dad had to go to his sole purpose of being in Utah, the conference. Because Utah is two hours behind home I woke up at 4:30 rather than 6:30. I know, I am a very early riser, but I do go to bed at around 8:30 on school nights. Come seven o’clock we went down and got our free breakfast that was for conference members only. I’d have to say that there was a lot of free stuff on this trip including dad’s plane ticket and the room. Once done with breakfast I went back upstairs and did some homework for school and chilled out watching TV in the room. Once dad got back we geared up and headed out to the slopes. We took a few lifts up and even a tunnel through the mountain to get to the resort literally right next to Snowbird called Alta. We then did a ton of runs on this one lift called the Wildcat lift. Its an old and slow two seat lift that services some really great black and double blacks that I love because they are through the trees and are rarely skied because most people don’t like the trees so there is usually more snow. I am the exception. The trees are like my friends, they help me through something hard like these cliff-like slopes. They make the slope look not as steep to me. We did this for most of the day and got a ride back to our hotel and dad had to go to another conference. I ordered room service and went to the arcade and then went into a nice, peaceful sleep.

To be continued…