Scorpia Book Review by Michael J







At home I just finished reading Scorpia. It is part of the Alex Rider series and is the fifth of nine books. The series is by Anthony Horowitz. I like this book because it is entertaining, it has exciting action and it is very interesting.

The series is about a fourteen year old boy named Alex Rider. His parents are dead and Alex didnt know anything about them. In the beginning of the series Alex’s uncle dies. At his uncles funeral he figures out that his uncle wasn’t actually a banker but a MI6 agent (British secret intelligence). He also realized that his uncle had been training him all his life to be an agent. Alex continues to go on different missions all over the world, sometimes for MI6, sometimes by himself. In Scorpia he is told to go to Venice and find a group called Scorpia and learn what his father did and who he was. He finds out the truth and it is very shocking. This is a very interesting book.

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