The Perfect Teacher for Me by Franny C

My perfect teacher would be someone who is firm, yet not strict, calm, yet fun. This would be because I like those teachers who find the fun activities and stick them into the classes, so that the classes are educational, but captivating. The teacher may have small surprises like homework passes to help students to strive to do their best work, and sometimes small parties or activities to celebrate events and holidays.

The teacher would help us with all our troubles and worries, and he/she would try to help the students the best they could. The teacher would give us fun examples to help us understand the topic and the teacher would not give up until he/she succeeded. We would have classes that everyone would enjoy, and everyone would gain from the teacher, even the teacher. We would all try to work together and learn from each other, and everyone would have their say. This would be my perfect teacher.


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