Brain by Bella K.


Every brain needs rest!!!! You will be cranky after working for more than a couple hours. So you should sleep and let your brain to rest. Especially when you feel tired and sleepy, it means your brain is “overpowered”, and it has to be calmed down to take in all the things you have been working on. Whether you want to or not, your brains are filled with tons and tons things of everything in your life. So go get some sleep tonight!

Membean Bella K.

Membean is the program we use for vocabulary. They have several activities such as multiple choice, corresponding vocabulary word for a picture, or a word constellation map. Membean benefits me a lot by expanding my vocabulary knowledge, and once I learn some new words, I suddenly notice them in other places. I think it’s most effective if you do it a couple of times a week, which is exactly what we do in Language Arts class. Thanks to all the Membean developers for this great new learning website.


An Ideal Teacher by Bella K.

An ideal teacher for any grade should not give any homework on weekends. Students get school off on weekends meant to rest and spend time with their friends, families, or outside of school activities such as sports or vacations. However, if we get work to do on Fridays, then what difference does that make from regular school days other than actually having school? Some teachers at DA give out homework on weekends for different reasons, but they should all know these two days are really supposed to be “work-free”.


Community Service by Bella

The Glass Advisory got a chance to serve our community by going strawberry picking, then taking them to the Ronald McDonald House. The strawberry part was fun, but really gross too because there were SO MANY SPIDERS and other creepy bugs I don’t even know. When we took the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald House, the people there were very delighted and pleased. The highlight of our trip that day was when the most adorable kid at the house who started break dancing for us!

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Hero Project by Bella K.

In our LA class, each student chose a hero in his or her life. I chose my dad, which I kind of felt bad for my mom, because my sister ,who is in 8th grade, did my dad too when she was in 6th grade. Even if I didn’t get a chance to go to the reception, I had lots of fun doing the project. I saw how my art work was quickly forming to a colorful book. The scene took place in my house, with my dad dancing to the Gangnam Style, which is one of the three mini stories I have in my book. With the whole 6th grade’s masterpieces, many visitors to the Frank Gallery were amazed at our work! Good job everyone!

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Duke Children’s Hospital by Bella K.

The Glass advisory went to the Duke Children’s Hospital for community service. I wasn’t looking forward to it so much, but it turned out to be many different things. First, we had a nice lunch at Brugger’s Burgers. I bought a chocolate chip cookie as a side. The BEST thing EVER except for Katie’s brownies. But all good things come to an end.

When we came back, we started decorating pumpkins. Because it was themed Halloween, I started with a mad, scary face. We were going to take them to the Duke Children’s Hospital. So my advisies started saying that it was too scary for children and that it was going to make little kids cry. So I took those comments and got the idea of a two-sided pumpkin. One would be mad, and the other would be happy. I put both bright and gloomy scarfs on my pumpkin. And then I got plastic eyeballs and glued them on with one of the non-toxic school glues. The eyeball was slippery, and so was the pumpkin. It was fine with the mad face, but on the happy face, the glue started dripping and looked like my HAPPY face was CRYING. I kept wiping it off, and more glue dripped down. When the glue finally dried clear, we were all done and headed to the Hospital.

I needed a lot of help carrying my gigantic pumpkin. Mr.Glass carried it for me, but soon his hands started shaking. I felt so sorry… We set all of our pumpkins down on a strong table. Then this woman came and started talking to us about the patients,the hospital,diseases, and the holidays for the children. The Duke Children’s Hospital was not for some cold or for headaches. It was for children, babies to late teens, who had serious illness, allergies, diseases, and much more. The hospital tries to make holidays as normal and fun as possible. Julia told me she was there once for several days when she was young. I imagined how scary it would have been for her as she told the story.

Photo by Senor Glass

I Am Proud Of by Bella K.

I am proud of the friends I have. Not everyone likes me or my friends, but as long as I’m happy with them, I think I’m good. My friends don’t care about what your ethnicity is, how smart you are, or what you wear. Real friends care about you. Would your friends wait for you until you unpack your bag in the morning, come with you to drop off your things at a class, help you find things when you lost them? Well, my friends do. And that’s why we’re happy when we hang out. We cheer for each other at PE, we jibber jabber about things at recess. We can tell each other who we like because we trust each other. I am proud of my friends because I like the way they are.



Freezing Water Slide by Bella K.

We went on the water slide the day we got to Camp Cheerio. Yay! We had lunch first (it was soooo good!), and quickly changed into our bathing suits. I was so excited. Everyone got their lifejackets and rushed over to the top of the slide. I was ready to go! But then, I heard someone at the front of the line. It was because one the counselors was spraying us with ice cold water before we went down the slide. As the line got shorter and shorter, I started to get a little scared, not because of going down the slide but the feeling of COLD water. It was finally my turn. The counselor seemed like she didn’t care how cold we were. She sprayed me thoroughly and said GO! It all happened so quickly. I mean, it’s just a water slide. It is not a big deal! So I thought the lake water would be at  least a little warmer but it was the EXACT same as the hose water. I felt like my body froze, but I had to hurry and get out, pushing through the green water. I only went two more times, and then I took a WARM shower.