Duke Children’s Hospital by Bella K.

The Glass advisory went to the Duke Children’s Hospital for community service. I wasn’t looking forward to it so much, but it turned out to be many different things. First, we had a nice lunch at Brugger’s Burgers. I bought a chocolate chip cookie as a side. The BEST thing EVER except for Katie’s brownies. But all good things come to an end.

When we came back, we started decorating pumpkins. Because it was themed Halloween, I started with a mad, scary face. We were going to take them to the Duke Children’s Hospital. So my advisies started saying that it was too scary for children and that it was going to make little kids cry. So I took those comments and got the idea of a two-sided pumpkin. One would be mad, and the other would be happy. I put both bright and gloomy scarfs on my pumpkin. And then I got plastic eyeballs and glued them on with one of the non-toxic school glues. The eyeball was slippery, and so was the pumpkin. It was fine with the mad face, but on the happy face, the glue started dripping and looked like my HAPPY face was CRYING. I kept wiping it off, and more glue dripped down. When the glue finally dried clear, we were all done and headed to the Hospital.

I needed a lot of help carrying my gigantic pumpkin. Mr.Glass carried it for me, but soon his hands started shaking. I felt so sorry… We set all of our pumpkins down on a strong table. Then this woman came and started talking to us about the patients,the hospital,diseases, and the holidays for the children. The Duke Children’s Hospital was not for some cold or for headaches. It was for children, babies to late teens, who had serious illness, allergies, diseases, and much more. The hospital tries to make holidays as normal and fun as possible. Julia told me she was there once for several days when she was young. I imagined how scary it would have been for her as she told the story.

Photo by Senor Glass

13 thoughts on “Duke Children’s Hospital by Bella K.

  1. That was really fun Bella! I really want to work their now it was sad but I was glad we were doing that for them!

  2. When we went to the hospital it made me all depressed to think about the kids that are there. I was there last year but I got better in a week or so.

  3. The one that looks like it’s crying(the very top and three to the right)… It makes sense if you read the second paragraph.

  4. Your pumpkin was so good! The nose on my pumpkin got knocked off by someone who is to remain nameless (Bella).

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