Community Service by Bella

The Glass Advisory got a chance to serve our community by going strawberry picking, then taking them to the Ronald McDonald House. The strawberry part was fun, but really gross too because there were SO MANY SPIDERS and other creepy bugs I don’t even know. When we took the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald House, the people there were very delighted and pleased. The highlight of our trip that day was when the most adorable kid at the house who started break dancing for us!

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Community Service by Julia






For our second community service of the year, my advisory went strawberry picking and then brought the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. I had a lot of fun strawberry picking with my friends, and it was even more fun knowing that we were picking for a good cause. At the strawberry picking field, there were two dogs that were so cute! One was a small dog, I don’t know what type, that followed us everywhere. The other was an older boxer who had surgery on her eye, and she wasn’t very friendly, she mostly wanted to sleep. The picking was very fun because we had a contest to see who could pick the most perfect strawberry!

After we had weighed and bought the strawberries we picked (we used money from our donut sales to pay for the strawberries), we went to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham. Once there, our “tour-guide” told us about the history of the House and the past renovations. We then got to see some rooms like the play area, the school area, and the kitchen. The best part of the whole day was when a little boy, he looked about four years old, showed us his awesome break-dancing! He was adorable and he had some great moves! I really hope that people at the Ronald McDonald House enjoyed our strawberries and that every child that is sick gets better.

While there, I realized how very fortunate we really are. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if my sister got cancer or something like that. I love her more than anything in the world, and I have no idea how I would cope with her getting sick. The residents at the House are in my heart and prayers.


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