iPads by Bella K.

Picture by Mr.Schafer
The iPads have been a great new gadget this year. Many people prefer to have an Apple laptop instead, and I do too, but remember just to be happy with what you have because 99% of all other schools in the United States probably don’t have this iPad opportunity. It is true that the iPad did not reduce any books to carry, and many have not used the iPad a single time in some of their classes, but because of the other classes where we do use the iPad, it has been a huge help. some of The apps I have used for those classes are: Evernote, Sketchbook Pro, Reminders, Notes, and Google Drive.


My Memory by Bella K.

Picture taken by Caitlyn C.

The first memory I would give away would be swimming, starting from the moment when you dive into the water and feel the sudden cool sensation. Or the moment when you look up underwater, you’d see the sight of the water above you which looks really cool, but the in the memory you’d be holding your nose so that there will be no pain in the wonderful memory (it hurts slightly for a minute if a lot of water go in your nose). Anyone would love to make themselves happy on a hot summer day just by jumping into what it would seem like heaven. Just keep swimming and don’t care about what’s going on up there!


Community Service by Bella

The Glass Advisory got a chance to serve our community by going strawberry picking, then taking them to the Ronald McDonald House. The strawberry part was fun, but really gross too because there were SO MANY SPIDERS and other creepy bugs I don’t even know. When we took the strawberries to the Ronald McDonald House, the people there were very delighted and pleased. The highlight of our trip that day was when the most adorable kid at the house who started break dancing for us!

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The Giver by Bella Kim

Drawing/picture by Anna West

In our Language Arts class, we have started reading the book “The Giver”. Each person who turns twelve in the community is assigned to a job by one of the Elders in the city. If I was assigned to a job, I would most want to be a owner of an ice cream company like Tutti Frutti or TCBY. It is one of the things I enjoy a lot, so it’s reasonable to own the company. Either that, or a famous designer like the ones who work for Lilly Pullitzer (who have the most amazing patterns). It would be great to see someone that passes by wearing a clothing that I designed and created.


Westing Game by Bella K

In our Language Arts class, we had to read the book The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. The book was not an extremely long book, but it was CONFUSING. A first Mrs.Donnelly said that the author was really smart with this book, and I thought “Well, it’s just a book. How hard can a book be to understand?” As we read on the first and second chapters, automatically and right away, I realized that this book was not just any other. Every sentence, every word, was so carefully chosen that there was some kind of arcane meaning in it. When we were finally done, it took a lot of thinking to fully understand what happened.

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Hero Project by Bella K.

In our LA class, each student chose a hero in his or her life. I chose my dad, which I kind of felt bad for my mom, because my sister ,who is in 8th grade, did my dad too when she was in 6th grade. Even if I didn’t get a chance to go to the reception, I had lots of fun doing the project. I saw how my art work was quickly forming to a colorful book. The scene took place in my house, with my dad dancing to the Gangnam Style, which is one of the three mini stories I have in my book. With the whole 6th grade’s masterpieces, many visitors to the Frank Gallery were amazed at our work! Good job everyone!

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Lady Or The Tiger? By Bella K.

The Lady Or The Tiger?

So there was Gus Wilfred, trembling full of horror and fright, gazing up at the two indistinguishable purple doors. At any moment, he could be lifeless and dead cold, or happier than ever with a lovesome princess. Gus’s heart felt like it was about to burst even before he even opened one of the colossal doors. He could hear his own heartbeat, and his mind was about to explode with frustration. Being pretty sure that he just breathed his last breath, he jerked open the left door without hesitating wanting to get this over with. Gus felt nothing. No sense at all. Not even a second of pain, or a warm hug with a nice fragrance of flowers. Instead, he was burning hot. Not the loveable hot, but boiling hot like a intense radiant light was sizzling him up. Gus was just in the middle of nothing. He was lost and trying to comprehend his situation. Was he inside a beast’s stomach? Or what had really happened to him?

Gus knew something was funky. He forced himself to open his eyelids. There he saw a vague sight of a figure in a sky blue dress covering him behind a couple of blue birds circling his head. Still, he was extremely tense. He finally remembered what caused this tension. You see, Gus had very serious memory problems and was airheaded. He was dragged in front of the two doors because he had forgotten to pay for a golden ring meant for her mother for her birthday and just strolled out the door. The hotness and tension was because he wasn’t breathing from all the nervousness. Brainless Gus was holding it the entire time because of the thought that he might die on his mother’s birthday and the pain she would have to go through. His oxygen had almost started cutting off causing his face to turn purple as well as the circling birds.

“Hello? Are you alive over there? Tell me, dead by happiness, dead thinking you are actually dead, or have you got no idea where you are?” asked the desperate princess. Finally realizing and after a brief flashback, was a fine woman that Gus had been dreaming all his life who indeed smell like flowers!

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Talk To Your Teen by Bella K.

In the book Cosmic, Liam is reading Talk To Your Teen, and here’s my advice.

Clothes. This is the major thing for many girls. A t-shirt and a hoodie, basketball shorts, and a pair of sneakers are probably the everyday thing for guys (I’m sorry if your boys wear something else, I’m in a family of 3 girls). Girls, you have every kind of jeans- colored or not, skirts- short or long, dresses- formal or informal, shirts- printed or plain, shoes- boots or sneakers, accessories- necklaces or earrings, etc.

If you have one or more girls always thinking about what they should wear as well as what they want to wear, here’s a solution. Let your teen wear what she wants to, but limit her boundary. Don’t spend your money buying her clothes unless you know she’ll like them, because you might have very different tastes (I know this from my own experiences).

Ask and listen about her style and taste. I prefer not suggesting super short skirts or shorts and strapless shirts or dresses until she is at an age when she absolutely wants to. In other words, don’t give her clothing that reveals too much skin when worn.

Also, check that your teen dresses appropriate to the weather. Remember, none of this will be easy if your teen is obdurate about what they wear unless you talk about it, and listen to them.

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If I Were A Grown Up by Bella K.

If I were a grown up, it’d be like I’m free. I’d be saving all my money for entertainment and fun! Wait, not ALL, but while controlling my income. First, I’m going to get myself a husband, a nice house, and a good sucessful job. Now, it’s time for fun. Get clothes, shoes, get anything I want and have as many ice cream as possible because no one can boss me around when I’m an adult, right? Wish that could come true, but let’s think of reality. No, unless I were like a billionaire, I can’t spend my money like that on whatever I want whenever and wherever I want. That doesn’t mean I’m never going to use my money on those things, because well, people want stuff that they want! What I mean is doing it wastefully every day. So, how do you think you’ll spend your life if you were an adult?

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Book Recommendation by Bella K.

I was never a reader. Many parents are so happy because their children read so much and learn so much knowledge from the books but my parents are bugging me constantly to read. Now, I’m not saying I’m stupid because I don’t like to read. Fiction, classic, mystery, etc. Hated all. Until I found this book at a library, The Compound by S.A. Bodeen. This book, unlike other books, kept me from putting it down. As a result, I slept really late and was cranky in the mornings.

So there’s this teen, Eli. His millionaire father brought the family into an underground mansion called the Compound when they were in a nuclear attack, but Eli’s twin Eddy and their grandma had been left behind. The family was in the compound for six years when they started running out of things, and the door out of the Compound would only open after 15 years. The family came in unless they entered a code in. They could just go out, the the father won’t let them. Then he started going sick and crazy. How will they survive? Will Eli figure out the code? Read this book to find out!

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