Book Recommendation by Bella K.

I was never a reader. Many parents are so happy because their children read so much and learn so much knowledge from the books but my parents are bugging me constantly to read. Now, I’m not saying I’m stupid because I don’t like to read. Fiction, classic, mystery, etc. Hated all. Until I found this book at a library, The Compound by S.A. Bodeen. This book, unlike other books, kept me from putting it down. As a result, I slept really late and was cranky in the mornings.

So there’s this teen, Eli. His millionaire father brought the family into an underground mansion called the Compound when they were in a nuclear attack, but Eli’s twin Eddy and their grandma had been left behind. The family was in the compound for six years when they started running out of things, and the door out of the Compound would only open after 15 years. The family came in unless they entered a code in. They could just go out, the the father won’t let them. Then he started going sick and crazy. How will they survive? Will Eli figure out the code? Read this book to find out!

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