My Own Wisdom Tale by Bella K.

The P’s and the U’s

There was once a worm village called Bieberville. In that village was a great school called Bieber Academy. Everything in that school was magnificent except for two problems. Popularity and the fever.

The P’s stood for pretty and popular. The U’s stood for ugly and unpopular. Tara, Lindsey, and Chelsea were the P’s. Gelato and her friend, Pudd, were the U’s. Tara was the queen of all, and her target was always Gelato, with Lindsey and Chelsea following everything she did. One day, Gelato brought Italian gelatos as dessert for her hot lunch. Tara, of course, had to do something. She “accidently” tripped over Gelato’s chair leg and dumped her whole ice cream over her head. So, Chelsea and Lindsey followed and did the same to Pudd. These acts continued on the next couple days. Gelato couldn’t stand Tara. She stood up for herself even though she was quite scared. Tara thought Gelato couldn’t stand up against her. Surprised by her braveness, she realized how cruel she was being to Gelato and stopped.

One problem solved, but that wasn’t all. Remember? The fever. This sickness went on the whole school year. The really weird thing was that only girls had it, and it was only at Bieberville. Boys got nowhere near as sick. The average fever degree kept adding on for girls that they couldn’t stay still. They went crazy. The girls weren’t in pain though. That was the weirdest of all. Every girl at Bieberville was extremely happy. VERY HAPPY. From then on the Fever is still carried around everywhere today. Known as the BIEBERFEVER. I’ve got one, what about you?

Moral: Never judge someone by popularity. Don’t underestimate ANYONE. Be nice.


**Note:The bieberfever was just a little fun short story added on to my wisdom tale about popularity. Hope you liked it!

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Wisdom Tales Comic Project by Bella K.

Yesterday I finally finished my wisdom tales comic project. We had to take one of the tales that we’ve read and learned, and basically retell the story in comic. I chose “The Parts of the House Argue” and used Comic Life 2, SketchBookX, my email address, and Photos.

First I drew all of the pictures for my comic on SketchBookX and then edited to perfect. After that, I emailed myself all the drawings and dragged in the pictures onto the comic (I used a computer instead of the iPad). Then I typed in all the bubbles, but that wasn’t all I had to do. A peer/classmate had to check my work to see if everything made sense and looked ok. I really liked that idea because there were a couple of mistakes my classmate found (Anna W.). I don’t know why, but the whole process took me longer than others. To me, this comic project was nice and exciting. It made what could have been boring, colorless writings come to life!

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An Open Note Test by Bella





Open note tests can be hard or easy. Today my class took an open note test on wisdom tales. I think that the open note test is much easier than regular tests because I often stress trying memorize everything. But don’t try to take advantage of that. Still, if you don’t study, you won’t understand what it’s talking about.

This LA test was a great experience even though I’ve taken several other open note tests. And with the iPad, it’s so much easier! You would have to write everything down by hand which tires you a lot, and you have to look through every page to find the right note if it wasn’t for the iPad.

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I Am Thankful For…By Bella










I am thankful for myself. Some people are thankful for their families, I am thankful for myself. That I have all the body parts a human needs, no mental diseases, or any different disabilities. Some people are thankful for their families, friends,clothes, school, education, etc. But I’m thankful that I’m alive, in this world, born into a family, going to school. And I’m not saying that being thankful for families and friends is bad. It’s just that everyone should be grateful for who they are, and just live their lives with it. Even people with disabilities are thankful that they are even alive with whatever has gone wrong with them. Be thankful that you’re not those people who got just a tiny bit unluckier than you. When people are living in a life with a family, a house, wearing clothes, and getting an education, they think it’s normal stuff and don’t really care. That it’s just one of those boring days where you get up, get ready for school or work, and come back home after it, have dinner, get ready for bed, and sleep. Be thankful that you have a place to do those things. And if not, so what? God made each and every one of us different for a purpose, just the way He wanted you do be.

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Soccer Tournament by Bella

Last weekend, I had a soccer tournament. My team is the Wildcats, playing for Rainbow Soccer. Yeah,we’re beginners, but that’s how you get better,right? After all, we won every game against other Rainbow teams. Until the soccer tournament. It was NOT fair.

We were assigned to play with Triangle United. We weren’t scared, but THEY WERE GOOD. We signed up to rainbow soccer for a purpose! To be easy! There were three games, and we lost two,and won one. The first team was the best.  We were totally crushed. But hey,we still got two more chances! The second was not as amazing as the first, but they still beat us. It seemed like there was always one player that was better than the rest. That girl kicked our goalie in the face and scored. She started crying, and I felt so bad for her. The third game, for the first time,WE crushed them. They were tiny! And so we scored,scored,scored,scored,scored, and scored! 6 to 0!

But guess what… They were a year younger than us… I guess we just got lucky enough!






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Grammar Project by Bella K.

In my LA class we did a grammar project. We each had to pick a subject and get ready for our presentation. I picked run-on sentences. Run-on sentences are sentences that have no conjunction or ending mark and are therefore smushed together. Many people picked run-on sentences, but I still wanted to because I had learned it earlier, and it was simple and fun. Most of my classmates did their project on Keynote. I did mine in Comic Life because I wanted mine to look fun and exiting. Comic Life has many creative and “popping up” pages. On my first page, it was basically the cover page. On my second, I explained what run-on sentences were and put an example. And on my last, I closed it up and put pictures of the apps I got my sources from. It was just like how you write. Topic, body, and conclusion. I like my grammar project because I made it mine.

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