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I am thankful for myself. Some people are thankful for their families, I am thankful for myself. That I have all the body parts a human needs, no mental diseases, or any different disabilities. Some people are thankful for their families, friends,clothes, school, education, etc. But I’m thankful that I’m alive, in this world, born into a family, going to school. And I’m not saying that being thankful for families and friends is bad. It’s just that everyone should be grateful for who they are, and just live their lives with it. Even people with disabilities are thankful that they are even alive with whatever has gone wrong with them. Be thankful that you’re not those people who got just a tiny bit unluckier than you. When people are living in a life with a family, a house, wearing clothes, and getting an education, they think it’s normal stuff and don’t really care. That it’s just one of those boring days where you get up, get ready for school or work, and come back home after it, have dinner, get ready for bed, and sleep. Be thankful that you have a place to do those things. And if not, so what? God made each and every one of us different for a purpose, just the way He wanted you do be.

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8 thoughts on “I Am Thankful For…By Bella

  1. I really liked reading your post and how it was different from everyone else. It definitely makes me think about things differently.

  2. Your article was amazing! I never really thought about being thankful for myself! I was just thankful for the things that my parents provided for me and the people around me who cared about me, like my family and friends. I really liked how you expressed how you felt about this topic! Great job!

  3. Great article, Bella! This was wonderful and creative! You really made a lot of us think about what we are thankful for!

  4. Thanks Lana! I really liked your article too. I’m glad we get such great education (thanks to our parents who made this possible) at DA.😊

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