Wisdom Tales Comic Project by Bella K.

Yesterday I finally finished my wisdom tales comic project. We had to take one of the tales that we’ve read and learned, and basically retell the story in comic. I chose “The Parts of the House Argue” and used Comic Life 2, SketchBookX, my email address, and Photos.

First I drew all of the pictures for my comic on SketchBookX and then edited to perfect. After that, I emailed myself all the drawings and dragged in the pictures onto the comic (I used a computer instead of the iPad). Then I typed in all the bubbles, but that wasn’t all I had to do. A peer/classmate had to check my work to see if everything made sense and looked ok. I really liked that idea because there were a couple of mistakes my classmate found (Anna W.). I don’t know why, but the whole process took me longer than others. To me, this comic project was nice and exciting. It made what could have been boring, colorless writings come to life!

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Comic Project by: Lucy W.







I did my project on the wisdom tale The Smuggler. I really liked this story because the guard never noticed that the smuggler had a different donkey. The moral of this story was pay attention to the obvious. I really liked this project because it was interesting and fun to draw the comic. I like these kind of projects because it is fun to do your own choice. I used Sketchbook Pro. I like that app because it has a lot 0f options. I thought this project was a fun project.