First Person, Second Person, and Third Person by Keenan

For my grammar project, I decided to do first person, second person, and third person. I knew a little bit about this topic, but I wanted to learn more. When I presented my information, I decided to share some information and then act out some examples instead of creating a Keynote presentation. Here are some of the basic rules about first, second, and third person. First person is used when you are talking about yourself. Second person is used when you are talking to someone. Third person is used when you are talking about someone else.

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Grammar Project By: Sam

In LA, we had to do a project on a grammar topic. I did my project on run-on sentences. I chose run-on sentences because I am always making them and it annoys me when I try to do it right but it is still wrong. So basically I am just saying to run-on sentences to STOP and stay that way forever.

I did a Keynote on this project and it was really fun. My project was pretty easy making the run-on sentences because probably every time I do a worksheet I usually have a run-on. So I thank Mrs. Donnelly for having us do a grammar project, otherwise I would still be writing run-on’s which would be bad.

 Photo taken by: Sam

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Grammar Project by Sylvia

I did good vs well for my project. I chose this topic becaause I wanted to find out if the sentence “I am good,” is correct. It turns out that you can say good, but well is better. A rule to remember is that well is an adverb and good is an adjective. If you use good as an adverb or well as an adjective then you know you are wrong.

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Davi’s Grammar Project

In Mrs. Donnelly’s class, we had to make a grammar project on a specific grammar rule. I chose run-on sentences. I chose this topic because I always make run-on sentences. Then I don’t know if it’s a run on sentence or not. This just drives me crazy. So I decided to choose this topic for my grammar project. It was really fun to research it, and my presentation made the class laugh. It made me feel proud. Overall, I think that I did pretty well on my grammar project. People laughed, Mrs. Donnelly laughed, I had the correct info, and it was fun presenting. Those are the aspects of a good presentation and a good grade.

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My Grammar Project by Norman

Comic Life grammar project
I did a grammar project on past tense/present tense. Past tense is something that happened in the past, and present tense is something that is happening now, or a routine. Some ways of remembering them are that most of the time present tense is (action) -ing or (action) -s and most of the time past tense is (action) -an or (action) -am

Grammar Project by Julia

 For my grammar project I did when to start a new paragraph. I enjoyed doing this project a lot because we used our iPads which we sometimes don’t get to do. A rule to remember when to start a new paragraph is that a paragraph should have one main idea with several supporting details pertaining to that topic. If you begin to transition to a new topic, then begin a new paragraph.Posted with BlogsyPosted with Blogsy

Grammar Project by Frederick C

In class we did a grammar project. I did first, second, and third person. First person has to refer to the speaker, using words like, I, me, mine, and more. Second person is used to address the reader. You use third person when you’re referring to a person, place, thing, or idea. You cannot use first and second person in the same sentence.

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Me vs. I Grammar Project by Will P

For my grammar project I chose to study when you are supposed to use “I” and when you are supposed to use “me”. I wanted to do this because I know that many people including myself use these words in the wrong way.

The most important thing you need to know is an easy trick that I put at the end of my presentation (see to left). The trick is to take out the extra person. For example, Jim told Max and — to help him. By taking out the extra person, I mean thinking about it like this, Jim told — to help him. You would use “me” because you would not say, Jim told I to help him.Posted with BlogsyPosted with Blogsy

Grammar Project by Bella K.

In my LA class we did a grammar project. We each had to pick a subject and get ready for our presentation. I picked run-on sentences. Run-on sentences are sentences that have no conjunction or ending mark and are therefore smushed together. Many people picked run-on sentences, but I still wanted to because I had learned it earlier, and it was simple and fun. Most of my classmates did their project on Keynote. I did mine in Comic Life because I wanted mine to look fun and exiting. Comic Life has many creative and “popping up” pages. On my first page, it was basically the cover page. On my second, I explained what run-on sentences were and put an example. And on my last, I closed it up and put pictures of the apps I got my sources from. It was just like how you write. Topic, body, and conclusion. I like my grammar project because I made it mine.

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