Grammar Presentation by Jenny

My Language Arts class made presentations on grammar. We got to select a grammar topic then do research and learn about it so we could share the information that we learned to the rest of our class. I chose how to write numbers in sentences. One rule to remember for my topic is that whenever you use a number under 9 it needs to be written out in word-form, but on the other hand when you use a number greater than 9 in your sentence it should be written in numerals like 24. My presentation was not that hard to do because I found enough information on plenty of websites and applications (grammar app). This project wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it was even a little fun. Working with numbers in sentences isn’t that hard, if you know the rules of course! I enjoyed doing this and hope. We do more research on grammar this year!

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Davi’s Grammar Project

In Mrs. Donnelly’s class, we had to make a grammar project on a specific grammar rule. I chose run-on sentences. I chose this topic because I always make run-on sentences. Then I don’t know if it’s a run on sentence or not. This just drives me crazy. So I decided to choose this topic for my grammar project. It was really fun to research it, and my presentation made the class laugh. It made me feel proud. Overall, I think that I did pretty well on my grammar project. People laughed, Mrs. Donnelly laughed, I had the correct info, and it was fun presenting. Those are the aspects of a good presentation and a good grade.

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How To Use Numbers in a Sentence by Nathan

So for LA we had to do a grammar project! I did how to use numbers in a sentence because I wanted to know how to use them to improve my writing. Here is one rule: if you have two numbers in a row, spell out the first. That means in a sentence like: There were 12 7 year olds in the room, you would change it to: There were twelve 7 year olds in the room. It was fun presenting all of the rules then giving a little quiz to the class (which they passed!).

Screen shot by me!

Grammar Project by: Ellie

My grammar project was on verbs. When I got up I was soooooooooo nervous. When I got going I was a little less nervous but I was still nervous. As I went over helping verbs + action verbs = verb phrase I realized that I forgot to put a picture on my ending page (which was my next slide). I went to the next slide and hoped it would have looked as good as with the picture. Once past the end page with no obvious boo’s I felt relieved. One rule is: In the sentence “The pasta tastes good” tastes is a linking verb because you can replace it with linking verb is.

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My Grammar Project by Kira S

My topic for my grammar project was when to use commas. My topic was a pretty easy topic to understand and learn about. Learning how to use commas is straight forward and easy to learn. One tip I shared in my presentation was where you use pairs of commas. Pairs of commas are used in the middle of the sentence to help set off two expressions that interrupt the sentence flow.

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Grammar Topic By: Michael S.

grammar post

For Language Arts we had to pick a grammar topic. I picked what a homophone is. Homophones are words that sound exactly the same and are sometimes spelled exactly the same. Some homophones have three words. A way to remember homophones is you hear a sound from a phone, so they sound the same. Homophones are a lot of fun to learn about.

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My Grammar Presentation by Shaffer

I did my presentation on HOW TO USE A SEMICOLON. I chose to do a presentation on a semicolon because I didn’t really know how to use it in a sentence, so I chose how to use a semicolon to learn how to use it. One rule for using a semicolon is you always use a semicolon when two sentences are very similar. Making the presentation didn’t take very long but it was very fun making it.

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