Grammar Presentation by Jenny

My Language Arts class made presentations on grammar. We got to select a grammar topic then do research and learn about it so we could share the information that we learned to the rest of our class. I chose how to write numbers in sentences. One rule to remember for my topic is that whenever you use a number under 9 it needs to be written out in word-form, but on the other hand when you use a number greater than 9 in your sentence it should be written in numerals like 24. My presentation was not that hard to do because I found enough information on plenty of websites and applications (grammar app). This project wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and it was even a little fun. Working with numbers in sentences isn’t that hard, if you know the rules of course! I enjoyed doing this and hope. We do more research on grammar this year!

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5 thoughts on “Grammar Presentation by Jenny

  1. Thanks Bella! I found it off of FlickrCC it’s a really cool website, you should try it out.

  2. I thought you presentation was really good and I understand putting numbers in sentences a lot better.

  3. I thought your presentation was really good! I learned a lot from it! I found your grammar project very helpful!

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