When To Start A New Paragraph by Michiko

When I first started this project I had no idea when to start a new paragraph but now I feel totally confident knowing what to do. There are a few basic rules to know when to start a new paragraph. First of all you should start a new paragraph for each idea. You should start a new paragraph when you are changing to a new time or place. Also you should start a new paragraph each time someone different starts talking even if it is the same conversation. Making a new paragraphs in your writing makes it look neater, easier to read, and easier to understand.

When to start a new paragraph title slide

Davi’s Grammar Project

In Mrs. Donnelly’s class, we had to make a grammar project on a specific grammar rule. I chose run-on sentences. I chose this topic because I always make run-on sentences. Then I don’t know if it’s a run on sentence or not. This just drives me crazy. So I decided to choose this topic for my grammar project. It was really fun to research it, and my presentation made the class laugh. It made me feel proud. Overall, I think that I did pretty well on my grammar project. People laughed, Mrs. Donnelly laughed, I had the correct info, and it was fun presenting. Those are the aspects of a good presentation and a good grade.

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