Outdoor Learning @ Camp Cheerio

dsc_6899obstaclecourseObstacle Course

Sixth grade began on Tuesday, August 3rd. Six school days went by and then we were off to Glade Valley, North Carolina with about 100 eager middle school students. We dropped our bags in the cabins, ate a delicious lunch, and began our adventure. We got to canoe down the New River, the second oldest river in the world. The cloud cover and refreshing rain only added to the afternoon filled with giggles, surprises, and accomplishments. For some it was getting in a canoe for the first time. For others, it was navigating the rocks and the rapids. Teamwork and the anticipation of what was around the bend got us to our end point.


One of my favorite challenges was the Vertical Playpen. I was in awe of students who appeared shy or less showy yet persevered to the very top with the encouragement and support of their team. I have so much respect for the student who says he likes to “keep his feet on the ground” yet decided to attempt the climbing wall and was successful.



One of personal favorites was the hike up, on top of, and down Stone Mountain. For the first time we completed it in reverse this year. Perhaps it was in my head, but it felt easier than beginning with the 1/2 mile, incredibly steep incline we usually tackle.

img_3715Stone Mountain


A new challenge this year was Fun and Games. You can see part of the obstacle course at the top of this post and we ended with the Slip ‘n Slide.



From Energizers to campfire stories, each and every individual stepped out of his or her comfort zone and discovered something new. Friendships were forged and renewed. There was laughter. Lots of laughter. We are grateful for this 6th grade rite of passage. We love Camp Cheerio!


Camp Cheerio 2014


Why Camp Cheerio? We venture to Glade Valley, North Carolina every August with almost 100 sixth graders to connect, strive, and extend. It is a chance to bond with our advisory groups, learn from each other, and experience new things.


 6th Grade Team


From geocaching to ziplining….


From climbing challenges to group problem solving….




To hiking and canoeing….




We LOVE Camp Cheerio!

Hiking Up Stone Mountain By: Ryan W

“No-More-Stairs!!” I hate those things! There were over a thousand of them on Stone Mountain. I love to go hiking through the fresh mountain air. I’m just scared of heights, which really doesn’t help! I was at Stone Mountain in Virginia, USA on a trip with my school to Camp Cheerio. We were at the peak and that is when I came across a tree with a green thing on it. It was a odd caterpillar. He was a bright green little fella with some maroon stripes and some green stripes. He had a triangular head and guess what, he bit me! What I was really anxious about was the waterfall. I heard people died on it recently. When I finally got to it, it was phenomenal! It had lots of jagged rocks at the bottom. On the way back there we a lot more animals including giant millipede, camel cricket, and a bright green crab spider. When we got to the bottom, of course everybody went to go look at the dead deer. Stone Mountain was magnificent!

Camp Cheerio By Sam

I am going to tell the world what I did at Camp Cheerio and what I thought were my favorite activities. My favorite activities were the challenge course which included the hard rock walls, archery, and the Vertical Playpen. I also enjoyed the zipline, the mudslide, canoeing, and hiking.

What I liked about the challenge course was that the rock walls were very difficult but my friend and I scaled the first wall with no problem. The next wall was the hardest one of them all. We never even made it halfway, so we just decided to come back to it later. That when I saw it a poisonous caterpillar. So then a counselor took a stick and moved it away from everyone. Then my friend and I had a short blurb about it and I said I thought that the poisonous caterpillar exists in Asia; apparently I was wrong. Then we tried to do a different wall but we never made it. Then we did archery it was really fun I pretended to be Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games. In my best round of archery I got 17 points with 5 arrows. It was really fun and challenging. Then we did The Vertical Playpen. The first obstacle course I was stuck on one part for like 9 minutes. I made it up onto the tire then the second tire and touched the post which means I win. I also did the Stairway to Heaven. It consisted of a bunch of wooden poles that got higher and higher as I climbed.


I Am Proud Of…By Davi

I am proud of climbing to the top of the climbing wall at Camp Cheerio. At my old school, we also went to a camp, and at the camp there was also a climbing wall. I never got to the top of this one, not even halfway up. I don’t know what happened to me at Camp Cheerio. Maybe it was the environment that gave me strength to climb all the way to the top. Maybe it was the thought that if I got higher, I got more time going down in the electric belayer. The belayer was really fun to go down with. There were some walls in that area that I knew that I couldn’t scale. I went on them anyway just to go down on the belayer. I thought that I was doing that on this climbing wall but I climbed to the top. Thanks for reading my I Am Proud Of by yours truly, Davi Spiro-Gheiler.

If your have any questions about Camp Cheerio, climbing walls, my old school, or anything else, just post a comment on my blog, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.




Freezing Water Slide by Bella K.

We went on the water slide the day we got to Camp Cheerio. Yay! We had lunch first (it was soooo good!), and quickly changed into our bathing suits. I was so excited. Everyone got their lifejackets and rushed over to the top of the slide. I was ready to go! But then, I heard someone at the front of the line. It was because one the counselors was spraying us with ice cold water before we went down the slide. As the line got shorter and shorter, I started to get a little scared, not because of going down the slide but the feeling of COLD water. It was finally my turn. The counselor seemed like she didn’t care how cold we were. She sprayed me thoroughly and said GO! It all happened so quickly. I mean, it’s just a water slide. It is not a big deal! So I thought the lake water would be at  least a little warmer but it was the EXACT same as the hose water. I felt like my body froze, but I had to hurry and get out, pushing through the green water. I only went two more times, and then I took a WARM shower.


Mudslide Fun! By: Ellie M.

While I was at Camp Cheerio I went down the mudslide, which is so much fun. I was very scared because the pool of water that I went in has a visibility level of about 1 inch. I was very scared but the counselor said that the other girls didn’t go until the very end and they regretted not going sooner. So I waited a few minutes and watched people go down the slide. They were going pretty fast down the slide. I was not surprised though because the slide was very steep. One person did a face first landing straight in the water because he sat up at the end and the momentum shot him straight into the water. This made me not want to go down so I waited a few minutes, but against my own will I went down. I lay down on the the tarp. I crossed my knees and the counselor pushed me down. I was scared going down the slide, but when I plopped in the pool I wanted to do it again. The original with the mud visibility was now almost gone as I went down the slide many more times, and by the end of the day my feet were all muddy.

Camp Cheerio Mudslide

By Mrs. Donnelly

Camp Cheerio by Shaylen

I had such a BLAST at Camp Cheerio. I especially enjoyed the canoeing. It was so much fun but the down side of canoeing was my friend and I got stuck on a cliff for about 10 minutes! I also liked the mud slide. We got so muddy it was not even funny. It was very bumpy because in had a steep path filled with dirt rocks and tree branches, so you could imagine that. My last thing I really enjoyed that was not an activity was the food. It was so much better then the 5th grade trip at the other camp which is Camp Thunderbird. The food was horrible. It tasted like it was frozen for years, but at Camp Cheerio the food was delicious. It was half home made so it made it very good. The third activity I really enjoyed was the Vertical Play Pen. We did that on the first day. That was a big challenge to me and to a lot of other people. I HAD AN AWESOME TIME!!

Photo from Flickr Storm


Camp Cheerio by Kira S.

This year the sixth grade went to Camp Cheerio. Camp Cheerio had a lot  of fun activities. The first day at Camp Cheerio my advisory (Johnson) and the Bryson advisory went on a 4 1/2 mile hike! Before we went on the hike we had lunch and then we headed to the place where we were going to hike. When we were done with the long hike we drove back to Camp Cheerio. During the day we had two different activities, we would either have to do canoeing, zip-lining/ mudslide, hiking, rock climbing, vertical play pen or archery. At night one group would do dancing in the gym and another group would have a camp fire and tell scary stories. Dancing in the gym was a lot of fun! After we finished our night time activities the whole sixth grade went into Dinning Hall and had a snack. The rest of Camp Cheerio was also a lot a fun! I had a great time at Camp Cheerio!!

Group of Girls

Photo by Mrs. Williams