What Do You Notice?


Photo by Patti Donnelly

Part of paying attention is being aware of things around you and being present. I cannot remember when I noticed my first heart, but now I cannot help but notice them. I see hearts everywhere. As you can imagine, I photograph them. Perhaps you notice something as well.

Challenge: Tune in to what you are aware of for an hour, a day, a week, or more. Write a post about your awareness. If you can capture a photo, that would be fabulous! Feel free to comment below to let me know what you notice or what you will be looking for. Let me know if you find some hearts!

My New Fish! by Olivia C.

Today (16/12) we went to Pets Mart. We got tiny feeder fish to put in our pond. But we also got fish to keep inside. They’re also feeder fish, and we’ll keep them inside for a while and then we have to put them in the pond.I got one, but my sister got two. My family has a cat, but having my own fish will be something that I alone am responsible for. Again, back to the cat, we still don’t know whether or not the cat will try to eat them.

I don’t know if my fish is a boy or a girl, but it doesn’t really have a name.  I was thinking of naming it Machli, and I was going to ask you for suggestions, but it’s really stuck. Still, if you got a fish, would it be a boy or a girl, and what would you name it? 🙂 Below are some pictures of the fish.

My sister's fish, Brutus (silver) and Bobbi (gold)

The NC Nature News–Alex G


So, I am part of the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue and have now made my own website/blog about my own passion, nature. Some of the pictures on this blog are on it too. Just paste or type this in the URL: www.ncnaturenews.wordpress.com  and the website will come up. Please comment on it as much as you do on the Donnelly Dynamic Dialogue. If you like nature, animals, and/or photography, check it out. If you don’t like nature, animals and/ or photography, still check it out and it may make you like those kinds of things. I hope you like it!



Photography: Beach by Alex G

Here are my favorite beach pictures. (They’re also just some of my all time favorites). I was taking multiple shots of the walkway, and in one of the pictures a bird just so happened to land on it in a perfect pose. The crab also had some very nice poses but he was very shy too. I also think the beach house was a cool one because the sunset was just beside it and made the house a perfect pitch of black. Enjoy!

Photos by Alex G

These are some of my best pictures yet . . . I hope to get

even better ones!!

Photography: Cats by Alex G

This is my second photography post. I found all of my pictures of cats and thought to put them on next. I realized I had 2 whole folders with all cats so I just picked a few.Here’s one of my kittens

This is another one of my cats, Sylvester Here’s my third and oldest cat sticking out her tongue. (lucky shot)

Photography By Alex G

I love photography and nature so I like being a nature photographer. I’ll post my favorite pictures I’ve taken and describe them. It can be hard because I live in a neighborhood with a fair amount of nature but when I take the pictures, I do not like getting anything unnatural in it so I have to get the perfect angle to not show any roads, houses, cars, or even a sign. If there is anything unnatural in the photo, I don’t use that picture so I’m very specific about photos. I also Love stop-motion where you take a picture of something, move the object just a slight bit and take another picture and so on. This will take hours, days, or weeks. I’ll do it with clay or LEGO’s and now I do time lapses of nature too. I’ve made one of a day turning to night. I took a picture every 48 seconds of the sky, leaving the camera where it is. When you play it, it shows the day turning to night as if it was a video fast forward of the sky. You see the sun setting from yellow to orange to pink and then black. You can also see the clouds moving. Sometimes, I had to delay some pictures if someone was walking by or a car passing. But on the Donnelly Blog, I’ll be posting my nature photography.

Here’s an example of what you’ll see . . .

Photo by Alex G