First Day at Camp Cheerio by Jenny D.

group of girls

photo by mrs. williams

This year the sixth grade went to Camp Cheerio for 3 days and 2 nights. It was very fun! The first day we got there we arrived at approximately 11:45 and got there on to big Coach buses. When we got there we stayed on the buses until we heard where our cabins were. We finally figured out where our cabins were so we headed towards our cabins and unpacked for about 10 minutes. I was so happy about my cabin because it was very clean and it was only the four other girls in my advisory for the WHOLE room!

When we were finished unpacking we headed to the Dining Hall to eat some delicious lunch! We had chicken fingers and french fries with a choice of fruit punch or water. After lunch, still on the first day we arrived, my advisory (Johnson) and the Bryson advisory all went on a hike that was about 20 minutes from Camp Cheerio and the hike was 41/2 miles long. My favorite part on the hike was when we saw the waterfall and got to climb the rocks that were at the bottom of the waterfall! I almost slipped but it was alright because I didn’t!

After the hike we came back to the Camp Cheerio campus and went to our cabins for about 5 minutes then went to dinner. After dinner it was really fun because there were 4 advisories that did energizers in the gym then the leftover advisories heard ghost stories! BOO! My advisory was one of the advisories that did the energizers first so me and my friends rocked the dance floor!!! After that we went back to the Dining Hall for a midnight snack. Then we went to sleep! It was one very fun first day.

Camp Cheerio by Lucy W.

The sixth grade went to Camp Cheerio at the beginning of the year. When we got there we had to get all unpacked and go in our rooms. Then we went to have lunch. I thought the food was really good. Then we went to do our first activity. We did archery, the vertical playpen and rock wall climbing. We started out with the vertical playpen. It was so much fun but kind of scary. I got to the top of some. It was really fun. Then we went on to archery. That was fun but I wasn’t too good at it at first when we started. Then we went to the rock walls. I got to the top of one and it was so much fun. After that we went to the aqua slide. It was pretty fun but the water was freezing. This was a great start to the camp. Then we went to have dinner. After that we had this night snack which was a cookie and it was really good. The next day we did tons of other activities like hiking, canoeing, mudslide and zip-line. My favorite was probably canoeing. This camp was so much fun!


Camp Cheerio

Photo by Mrs.Donnelly