An Ideal Teacher by Bella K.

An ideal teacher for any grade should not give any homework on weekends. Students get school off on weekends meant to rest and spend time with their friends, families, or outside of school activities such as sports or vacations. However, if we get work to do on Fridays, then what difference does that make from regular school days other than actually having school? Some teachers at DA give out homework on weekends for different reasons, but they should all know these two days are really supposed to be “work-free”.


9 thoughts on “An Ideal Teacher by Bella K.

  1. I definitely think that teachers shouldn’t give homework on the weekends. Great post!

  2. I completely agree. They are called weekends for a reason. They are when the school week ends, and we have a break. If the homework is extra credit, kt’s okay because extra credit is supposed to be done on your own time, bit any other homework is not okay.

  3. Weekends are a break and all, but information doesn’t sink in automatically. If the homework is just a little review or reading, then it is so you can retain the knowledge you have gotten over the week.

  4. Thanks for all your comments! Some people agreed with my opinion, but others did not. I think that makes up to our perfect purpose of blogging!

  5. I feel like this a debate! But yea I totally agree students should be able to have more breaks.

  6. I agree that there should be no homework on the weekends. I also love your pic.

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