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In Language Arts we are still reading The Giver. In this story there is an ideal society. I know that if I were to describe an ideal teacher it would be quite different.

An ideal teacher to me, would be a teacher who is involved with the students and their work. For example, they actually stand up in front of the class and describe things thoroughly, help their students, and make learning fun. I have some teachers who do what I mentioned and some that don’t. I prefer classes where the teacher is understanding and helpful. An ideal teacher would be strict about certain things to keep us on task. Although, they would not start yelling or lecturing us. I especially don’t like it when teachers do that! I like it when they explain what we are doing wrong and stay calm. That makes me actually want to do what they say.

A teacher that is involved with their students and their work is easier to be around. I can trust them and feel more comfortable with getting help or. I really enjoy when teachers make learning into a game. For example, in language arts we played jeopardy to study for a test. We also acted vocabulary words out to study for another test. I definitely think my ideal teacher is great!


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  1. I think that the teacher you described would be a great teacher! Nice post!

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