The Ideal Teacher By Shaffer W.

In my Language Arts class we are reading a book called The Giver, and each year a couple of kids who turn twelve get assigned a job and they have to train for that job each day. My teacher has told us to tell her about what our ideal teacher would be. So I have had some teachers that have been so awesome and not so awesome. One way they can be awesome is how they teach me, I like it when they talk to me and explain the material to me. A not so awesome teacher would have us take notes as fast as we can and then he/she tells us to study them and learn it for the next time. I want a teacher who is fun, but smart, and can make us smart. A teacher who can make homework a hobby for us, and who can prepare us for the real world.


The Ideal Teacher by: Kay Y.

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In language arts class we are reading The Giver by: Lois Lowry. We are talking about what the ideal teacher would be like. I think the ideal teacher would be get to know their students and treat them as individuals and really get to know their students and help them. I think another important thing is using positive and negative reinforcement so if a student acts bad they get punished but if they behave well getting rewarded. A good teacher needs to know the materials inside out, and be willing to work with students that don’t understand a concept. One of the most important qualities is caring about their students. This is because a welcoming teacher is often one that students like, and pay attention to.


The Ideal Teacher by Kira S






In Language Arts, we are reading The Giver.  The Giver is based on a society that is perfect and all the same. If I were to describe an ideal teacher, I would say that and ideal teacher is respectful to their students, meaning that they listen to their students when they want to share a thought. Another thing that I look for in a teacher is that they are nice. Along with being respectful and nice, I like a teacher who challenges their students with new things. I definitely like my teachers challenging me with things that I don’t think I can accomplish. Sometimes a student just needs support and motivation from their teacher! Lastly I think that an ideal teacher should have a good teaching strategy, one that works for them and for their students!


The Ideal Teacher by Michiko

In Mrs. Donnelly’s language arts we are reading a book called The Giver. It is about an ideal society. I think an ideal teacher would have to be strict but at the same time nice and kind to you. I think an ideal teacher would not just get mad at you for no reason, I think that they should be supportive and patient. At the same time, if they were only nice to you you may not learn much so I think that they should be sort of strict with your work but encouraging if you do a good job. Also, I think if teachers give out treats like candy when you do something good, I think it would encourage you to do better because if you do you can get something you want. That is what I think an ideal teacher should be like.