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This is my Lady of Tiger ending. I hope you like it.

When I move my hand to the right I make a sacrifice. He will be gone both ways. One way I will have to live with envy. The other way, I will be able to visit him in the semi-barbaric futurity. The lady they chose was very rich and had a lot of fine clothes; rich, soft, silk fabrics, and was wearing lots of rare and sparkling gems embedded in her dress.

The tiger had vicious teeth and sharp claws. He was a bit crazy and liked the taste of human flesh. To get him into the cage we needed an army that was fully armed like they were going into war. I always hated that maiden and wanted revenge for all the years in envy and anger. So I thought to myself….

I was in the arena with two doors in front of me. I considered my choices, face instant death with no pain or get married instantly. I looked at the princess. She moved her hand to the right. I knew she was mad at me for cheating on her. I hoped that her barbarism didn’t get the best of her and send me to the tiger. I hoped she had forgiven me and sent me to the lady. So I walked to the right door and opened it, hoping for the best and then the worst came out. It missed me by a centimeter and landed in the center of the arena confused and startled by the bright light. Then it turned around and I saw its razor sharp teeth. I waited for the worst. I fainted for a few minutes. Then when I woke up. I saw the tiger looking at something behind me and charged at the thing. It was a pigeon and was very badly wounded when the tiger had charged and ran over me. The tiger had ruptured my heart and I was barely hanging in. Then I slipped away to heaven and waiting to meet me was the princess.

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