“Talk To Your Teen” by Kay Y.

In the book cosmic, Liam is reading a book called Talk to Your Teen, in order to learn how to be a grown up. Here are some ideas I would add to the book.

Do you want to know more about your teen’s social life? Then you should make them feel comfortable talking about it. To make sure that your child feels comfortable let them go over to their friend’s houses often, and let them have their friends over. (A plus about having friends over constantly is it encourages your teen to keep their room cleaner than it might normally be.)

To get to know your teens social life you need to know their friends and how they interact with each other. Also, you want to make sure that you joke with them, but don’t try and act younger than you are or change your personality.

If you want your teen to open don’t tease them about something that they don’t want to be mentioned. But most importantly to get them to open up, make sure they have fun with you spontaneously. I often have the most fun spontaneously, for instance once my dad, my sister, and I got into a whipped cream fight, all of us had a lot of fun! I think the key for getting them to open up is making sure they have fun with you.

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The Lady Or The Tiger by: Kay Y.

Lady Or The Tiger?By Kay

In class we read a story called The Lady or The Tiger? We were supposed to finish the story how we thought it should end, here is my ending.

The night before he was put into the arena, the princessfought with herself about which fate was better. Shetossed and turned, one fate with the tiger, dying on thespot. But what seemed much worse to that
semi­barbaric princess was seeing the joy on his facewhen the maiden stepped out of the door. That beautifulmaiden, she hated more than anything in the world, shecould not stand the thought of the delight on both of theirfaces as they were instantly married. Knowing that shewould be asked would it be better to be responsible forhis death? After all the semi­barbaric princess is thereason that he’s in the arena in the first place. She tossedand turned all night until finally she made up her mind,and with that she fell asleep. The lover of the princessdidn’t know what the doors held, and which ever had themaiden he hadn’t the slightest idea what maiden wasbehind the door. The day that the lover of the princesswas to be tried everyone gathered in the arena to see thefate of the lover of the princess.

Most importantly that semi­barbaric princess sat to theright of the king. But when the lover of the princess askedher which door, she casually motioned to the right withher hand, expressionlessly knowing what the future held.She sat there expressionlessly as she watched the manwho she had once loved.


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If I Were A Grown Up For A Day by Kay Y.


I roll out of bed and feel the moist dense air around me while I listen to the crashing of the waves against the rocks. As I look at my reflection in the mirror I comb my frizzy hair. This is my life in Hawaii. I wake up to the sound of waves and get ready to go to work. I live on the big island and work as a marine biologist who specializes in dolphins. Every day I go out on the water and study the bottle nose dolphins, and I train them. I live and work on the beach, but after work I still like to hang out with some of my friends. Because it’s winter, the beaches aren’t crowed, but the weather is still great so often we hang out on the beach. My favorite thing to do with the dolphins is help out with the baby dolphins, and I would do all of this almost every day. This is what I would do if I were a grown up for a day.

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“The Hunger Games” Book Review by Kay Y.







Photo by Kay Y. Title page of The Hunger Games

I am currently reading The Hunger Games again. I have read this trilogy of books by Suzanne Collins many times. I really like her style of writing, so after I finished The Hunger Games trilogy I read her other series, Gregor The Overlander. The Hunger Games are classified as science fiction, the first book is very action packed, with a little bit of romance making this a best seller novel.

The Hunger Games takes place in the future of North America that has turned into one country called Panem. Panem is divided into 12 districts plus the Capitol. The Hunger Games as an annual event held to show the Capitol’s power over the districts in honor of the 13 districts rebellion. The districts have to offer a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight to the death, only one out of the 24 children survive. The story is told from the perspective of a 16 year old girl Katniss Everdeen who volunteered for her 12 year old sister. She doesn’t want to, but she knows when the time comes she will kill if she has to. This is a great book, and my favorite series!

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The Boastful Bird by Kay

The Boastful Bird
By Kay Y.
There was a bird named Madeline who always got an A+ on everything, and she would always brag about it. All of the other birds disliked her because she would rub it in their face every time a score came back.

One day they were given a test that was designed to be hard for the students. It was said that the people who do best on the test aren’t always the ones who get the highest scores on everything. All of the birds study very hard for the test, except for Madeline, who didn’t study at all, because she thought there was no way she wouldn’t do well on the test. All of the questions were very hard, but because the other birds had studied they all knew how to solve the questions.

Madeline had no clue how to do any of the problems, and knew that she did poorly. When the scores came back all of the birds got 100% except for Madeline. They noticed that she wasn’t bragging like usual, and asked her what she got. She got a very low grade, and was very sad about it. Because she always bragged and none of the other birds liked her, nobody tried to comfort her. She realized that she needs to study, and not to brag about he grades because she won’t always get an 100.

The moral is: Don’t be self centered, it never ends well.

Comic Life Wisdom Tales by Kay Y.






For the past few days my language arts class has been in the computer lab working on making a Comic Life about any of the wisdom tales that we read in class. I chose The Dancing Lass of Anglesey, from Scotland. I really liked this wisdom tale because The Dancing Lass of Anglesey helped the king, but after she helped the king she danced with him as well. This story takes place in a time where battles were fought by dancing, but none of the king’s men could beat the fifteen knights that were about to take his land. The king asked The Dancing Lass of Anglesey to help him beat the fifteen knights. After she danced with all of the knights she danced with the king’s men, and then the king. I also like the ending of this wisdom tale because it really shows that you should fight your own battles. The king asked someone to help him win, and she did but at the end the king also was in the pile of men on the floor.

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Wisdom Tales Test by Kay Y.




Photo taken by me, one of the parts of the mind map of the wisdom tales with their morals.

Today we took an open note test on the wisdom tales unit. This was different than any other test that I have taken, partly because this is the first year that I have had an iPad issued to me. This was the first open note test that I have had this year, but it really stood out to me because all of my notes are on my iPad, but the test was paper and pencil. I have taken a few open note tests before, but none where my notes were on my iPad. I found it easier with the iPad, because most of my notes are in Evernote, I could quickly use the search feature to look up the wisdom tale. I was also able to use the pictures that I had of the board with all of the wisdom tales mind mapped by their morals in the last section! It made the whole test a lot easier!

I used my Evernote to prepare for the test, that was my main source, but I did use the pictures of the board mind map, and my MindMeister map of the types of stories. I spent most of my time on Evernote because most of my wisdom tale notes are in Evernote. This is because the note that I used to write down all of the titles, countries of origin, summaries, and morals is in Evernote, and that seemed to be most of our test. I used GoodReader some, to look at the stories and then look at what their morals were.

I liked this open note test a lot more than regular tests. I like this test because for me I had almost all of the answers in front of me. I kept my notes fairly organized, and knew where everything was so most of it was just finding the answer, and writing it down. I think I did a pretty good job on the test, and don’t see anything that I would do different. There was one tiny thing that I might of done differently, I noticed that a few of my titles were slightly different so I would have to look through my very big note instead of having my iPad search it for me. Over all I really liked this type of open note test!

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My Big Sister by Kay Y.


I’m very lucky to have a sister like mine! My sister is two years and eighteen days older than me, and her name is Diane. A lot of my friends that have met her say that we look a lot alike! We are also a lot alike in many other ways! For example, when we were younger we both did gymnastics and could drop into a split. When we lived in Ohio we both wanted a dog, and when our parents said that we were moving to North Carolina we convinced them to get us a dog. Now we like to play field hockey, and she likes to teach me how to get better.

I’m also very lucky that she’s a lot like me, because if I ever need help on homework she’ll always help me! She really enjoys helping me on my homework, because its basically an excuse to come and play with my hair! She really likes doing my hair in all different fancy styles, she likes to waterfall braid, fishtail, do side braids etc. My friends love her almost as much as I do! One of my friends from my old school had a nickname for her, my sister called my friend pipsqueak, and my friend called Diane Bigfoot. This came about because my friend is really short, and Diane being two years older than her was a fair amount bigger than her. I’m very glad that I have such an awesome sister!


I Am Thankful For… By Kay Y.






I am thankful for many things! But one thing in particular that I’m thankful for is my dog. I got her about six years ago. She’s a beagle lab retriever mix, she’s mostly a milk chocolate brown, but she does have some white and some black. I love her for many reasons, one thing is for sure, she is a great alarm clock. Whenever my door is left even slightly open she comes running in and jumps on my bed. You can always count on her to finish off your meals, even if you didn’t want her help she sometimes gets it her way anyway.

But like any dog she has her down sides, like recently she’s eaten two of my favorite pairs of socks in the last two weeks! The second time wasn’t really her fault, as much as it was my sister’s, my sister had the brilliant idea to make a game out of seeing if she could hit my dog with her socks. My dog is still very lovable, and I will always love her.

This summer when I was away from home for nine weeks I missed her so much! She often goes crazy when we come home from what’s normally only six weeks away from home, but this year she went insane! I love my dog, and she plays with me all of the time! My dog is very playful, and she always keeps me company! She is very fun to be with, and I am very thankful to have her.

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Bat Mitzvah in Hawaii by Kay







This weekend my family was discussing my Bat Mitzvah and where it might be. The main question for us is where my Bat Mitzvah might be held. This is because my family isn’t really traditional, my dad isn’t Jewish, and my mom never had a Bat Mitzvah. But last winter my sister had her Bat Mitzvah, and it was in Hawaii, on the big island over winter break! The preparation to become a Bat Mitzvah is very difficult, my sister had to practice a lot. You have to do an aliah, and read from the Torah. But in the end it was worth it, after all it was an excuse to go to Hawaii.

Unfortunately the place where my sisters Bat Mitzvah service was held, is being knocked down. This lead my family to explore some other options. There is always the option of a traditional service with all of my friends from school, and my relatives, right here in North Carolina. But I don’t really want that type of bat mitzvah service. My mom was looking around for places that I could have my bat mitzvah, and one place that I’ve always loved, and wanted to go back to says that it would be a possibility to have my Bat Mitzvah there! My mom told me that it is a possibility for me to have my Bat Mitzvah in San Juan, Puerto Rico! I went there when I was really young a couple of times, it was around Christmas. I absolutely loved the decoration. They had huge train tracks, and almost life sized gingerbread houses! Overall I loved my sisters Bat Mitzvah in Hawaii, and I want my  Bat Mitzvah to be like it!

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