I Am Thankful For… By Kay Y.






I am thankful for many things! But one thing in particular that I’m thankful for is my dog. I got her about six years ago. She’s a beagle lab retriever mix, she’s mostly a milk chocolate brown, but she does have some white and some black. I love her for many reasons, one thing is for sure, she is a great alarm clock. Whenever my door is left even slightly open she comes running in and jumps on my bed. You can always count on her to finish off your meals, even if you didn’t want her help she sometimes gets it her way anyway.

But like any dog she has her down sides, like recently she’s eaten two of my favorite pairs of socks in the last two weeks! The second time wasn’t really her fault, as much as it was my sister’s, my sister had the brilliant idea to make a game out of seeing if she could hit my dog with her socks. My dog is still very lovable, and I will always love her.

This summer when I was away from home for nine weeks I missed her so much! She often goes crazy when we come home from what’s normally only six weeks away from home, but this year she went insane! I love my dog, and she plays with me all of the time! My dog is very playful, and she always keeps me company! She is very fun to be with, and I am very thankful to have her.

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9 thoughts on “I Am Thankful For… By Kay Y.

  1. I love beagles!!! They’re so cute! My dog just looks young, the day after thanksgiving shell be ten!!!

  2. Kay, you’re dog is awesome!!! For some strange reason, I have a slight fear of dogs but your dog is awesome!!!

  3. Thanks!!! I really like my dog too!!! I think it’s a little more than a slight fear of dogs, but the weird thing is you didn’t used to have a fear of dogs!

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